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( Mar. 21st, 2017 12:47 pm)
Hello, my lovelies! I haven't been around much, because - well, I seem to require payback in the karma department; the universe is pissed off at me and life is a pretty joyless ride these days. But every once in a while, my fannish delight resurfaces. And I'm getting closer to actually finishing a fic! Yeah, will wonders never cease. Restoring my pleasure in the written word would go a long way toward making me happier.

But this post actually exists to share a pair of visual pleasures with you. Both Snape-related, of course, as that particular fire refuses to go out. And as with fic writers, we have some marvelous artists scattering splendor across our paths.

First, please hop over to Daily Deviant and bask in the pervy beauty of [ profile] akatnamedeaster's NSFW young Snape doing naughty and rather risky things to his equipment. The requested kink is sounding, which is something most of us will not want to try at home, but Kat has created a rosy, sexually luminous image of a school-aged half-clothed Snape (complete with a grey underpants cameo) having it off with a metal rod up his unmentionables. The coloring is sensual and warm, Snape is blitzed on sensation, and I loved the pic on sight.

Sounding Sev

The other piece is by a Russian artist whose work I like a great deal, but this portrait only turns up in an HP gallery that doesn't allow linking to the individual artworks. Thus I'm going to post the pic here under a cut, something I wouldn't normally do because it circumvents the artist's control. If there were any other means of linking you to it, I'd substitute that in a second.

But this is such a dark, intense, beautiful (that's the theme here) portrait that I want to share. I don't know how many fans have run across it, and it's too wonderful to languish unseen. NSFW due to nudity and a flash of arse crack, although it's entirely non-sexual, a view of naked Snape from the back peering over his shoulder like a suspicious, black-eyed raptor.

Snape by MariKaART )

I have other art recs, but I'll save them for next month when I take a turn on the [ profile] crack_broom.
Sorry, two posts back to back.

Day 2

Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

This is ridiculously difficult. How to narrow down? Especially in the book realm. And I'm not going to claim a life-changing power for any of these things. It's more that these are works whose influence I consciously recognized or that were among the millions of things shaping my taste and personality. (I'm including one for each category, because why not?)

nattering below the cut )
Late, of course. Which is my middle name these days, but I don't have to like it.

So, the last time I tried this I didn't make it past day 3. I doubt I'll manage this year, either, but hey, my New Year's Resolutions are as follows -

WRITE MORE. POST MORE. EAT LESS SUGAR. (About four or five years ago, when my life started going to hell in a handbasket, my eating habits went to hell with everything else, and sweet things have become my reward for getting through the day.)

Minor resolutions: Vacuum Your Damn Room. Exercise More, Your Body Will Thank You in Another 10 Years.

So! Here we go. Two days' worth of Snowflake meme-ing, then I get to read some fic. I started [ profile] hoggywartyxmas a few days ago (or some such - time is meaningless of late). Then Something tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a handbasket, and do you know what was in it? Go on, guess. I dare you.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 1

Post a rec for at least three fanworks you've created. It can be your favorite fanworks, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator*.

You know, this one hasn't got any less embarrassing with time. I've posted so few fanworks, how can I keep talking about them? Fie on my writer's block.

1. The White Road My most popular fic, and probably the thing I'll be remembered for in my corner of fandom. I'm still pleased that I had the audacity to write a Snape/Harry fic from Lily's POV, because it taught me to love Lily. I'm also still happy that I played around with structure, even if it is a bit disjointed. I'd never tried anything like that before, and it was a serious challenge. And I still cherish that scene in the marsh reeds. And the moment when Snape holds his own hand. And Snape with his books.

Random bit of trivia: it never seriously occurred to me how incredibly squicky some readers might find the concept of a mother watching her son have sex. I guess I took the "voyeurism from the afterlife" idea, with its remoteness and hint of omniscience, a bit too much in stride.

2. The Blood of Stars, which is a work-in-progress and therefore not an ideal candidate for reccing. But this is, or will someday be, the angsty melodramatic romance fic of my heart, a thing I would once have scorned to write. It's likely that Snape and Harry are out of character here, very fanficcy and emotionally overwrought. And yet I'm determined to finish it because there's something personally compelling about it, scenes and moments I love and have spent way too much time designing. And it contains my favorite of all the endings I've ever written. (Yes, the end of the fic is finished. It's the frickin' MIDDLE that waits for me to have a decent life again, a life that contains writing.)

3. Well, now. From a WiP that's partly posted to a WiP that's not posted at all! Yes, this gets better and better. But I've recently rekindled my interest in the long version of a fic I wrote years ago for [ profile] snapecase, entitled "The Lost World" and inspired by the urge to mix fairy tale magic and morality into the Potterverse. I had many more ideas for it than I could squeeze into the word count limit, and a different end than I gave the fest version. The longer Lost World is a rather strange customer, overindulgent and convoluted, and as of this reckoning, it steals from Tam Lin, Goblin Market, Beauty and the Beast, Psyche and Cupid, and throws in a bit of the serpent in the garden as well. I suspect it's not a likeable story, and perhaps that's one reason I stalled out. But it's back on the table now, even if I've only managed to revise a few scenes. We'll see. I want to get this out in fannish space if only because I've wasted lavished so many hours and words on it.

*fanworks you say would define you as a creator

I'd say the only thing that defines me as a creator is that I have a fixation on Snape. Otherwise, how would you answer that?
This is the height of frivolous nonsense, but hey, where can you be silly these days if not in fandom?

So, I've been idly browsing YouTube bits of The Mighty Boosh because I've spent the whole day with my face in the computer, bashing my brains against a story that won't budge, and I can't handle sustained narratives or complexity right now. So antic rubbish it is. And I can't escape the thought that Noel Fielding would have made a perfect Snape, for certain values of "one person's perfect is another's you've-got-to-be-kidding-me." But seriously. Pop some black contact lenses on that lad, and you're pretty much good to go.

The big problem would have been keeping his bubbly, anarchic personality under wraps, because it's a mistake to play Snape as a cartoon villain, as much as he sometimes resembles one. I also doubt Noel has the acting chops to pull off simmering rage, buried grief, and genuine viciousness. But physically? Ten years ago he was the right age, the right build, he's still the right height, he has the hair and the profile, and he's got the ugly/hot thing down. Granted, half the time the director would have had to flail at him to stop grinning and mugging, because he's a very smiley chap, not at all Snape-like in person.

Anyone else fond of some totally unlikely casting for Snape? Because the day will undoubtedly come when HP: TOS is broadcast as a 7-season mini-series, right? So we might as well prepare now.

The evidence: a gallery of Fieldings )
I had a whole post written up about the death of my uncle the night before last, but I'm trying to make my journal more of a lighthearted place, so I think simply mentioning it is enough. He was the last remaining link to the people who raised me, and now that he's gone, my brother and sister and I occupy the positions of elders in my family. It's unfathomable, and the rest of my life to the visible horizon feels different already.

In other news - well, not news, since my flist is far ahead of me on this front, but [ profile] lokifan's Love Meme is busy spreading joy and providing a chance to comment with fondness and admiration to friends and vaguely familiar names you know only from this one memorable fic or that beloved piece of art. I was very touched by the sweet words people left for me, considering I've been an unproductive member of fandom for a couple of years now (something I hope to change with [ profile] hoggywartyxmas, because by God, I really like the fic I'm writing, and I want to do it justice for my recipient's sake <3). Go over there and scatter some love if you haven't already, or add your own name. Don't be shy. I'm a little behind on paying compliments, but I'll get there.

Lastly, I'd like to point you to a marvelous short comic on deviantArt, although I suppose I ought to warn the unwary that Snape/Dumbledore is one of my favorite pairings, and you'll get an eyeful by clicking the link. It's beautifully drawn, amusing and poignant by turns, with a sprinkling of winter and a dusting of romance. And I urge you to read the artist's tongue-in-cheek description of what the heck led to this unconsummated kiss.

A cringeworthy event by lifeofapottedplant. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)
Drat it all, I'm back to having insomnia and stress dreams and being too empty-headed to make or do things. This saddens me because I was starting to write, to actually think about writing, and now that's gone again. I can only hope the brief spark will return.

Meanwhile I've been drifting through my secondary fandoms, the non-HP ones I turn to when I can't connect any other way. One canon ended this year with an abbreviated season and an unsatisfactory send-off (Person of Interest) and the other is on hiatus (Doctor Who, Twelfth Doctor specifically). PoI gave me a slash and a femslash ship (canon, and frankly, I love everyone in this bar because the cast - including the AI which is only a voice - had amazing chemistry together) and DW gave me the first het OTP I've shipped in … well, I can't remember when. Years.

Of course they both end tragically.

So this is just a pretext for posting two fan vids that reflect the emotional weather around here. They're both about goodbyes (not that I'm personally going anywhere) and the catharsis of sorrow.

The PoI vid is called Light Carries on by eemersonm, and it's set to what must be the current Most Used Song for purposes of fannish vidding, "Saturn" by Sleeping at Last.

The other is under a cut so as not to clutter up your friends view )

I should try going back to sleep now because I have to be officially up in four and a half hours, but I'm doing my best not to disappear from fandom again.

(Also, hurrah - [ profile] hoggywartyxmas is coming back for another year!)
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( Aug. 29th, 2016 05:04 pm)
Goodbye, Gene Wilder. Willy Wonka, played by you in your top hat and purple velvet coat, may have been my first second ever crush. (Buster Keaton came first.) Thank you for making me smile over the years with your gentle face, beautiful eyes, and wild, amazing hair. ♥ ♥ ♥

2016, you are tearing my heart out.

gene wilder

And one more pic… )
Brief mea culpa )

In related news, I haven't written anything in ages. I haven't finished anything in even longer. I barely read anymore. I've lost contact with friends. This is driving me frickin' nuts. Enough with the greyness. I think I've regained enough of my brain and my curiosity and imagination that I might be able to scrape off the rust and revive various unfinished projects.

Sooo … I'm here, quite self-centeredly, to ask for a beta. A beta for a smut fic. A Snarry smut fic, to be precise. I wish it were something more complex and interesting! But I'm not ready to pick up the layered or long-running storylines yet. For me, writing is like exercise: I lose the strength, the endurance, the muscle memory if I'm away from it for too long. I've been fiddling around, trying to bulldoze my way through the re-entry phase of unmitigated crap. To refamiliarize myself with the feel and shape of words. To remember the characters.

The fic? Well, it's a PWP, over 8000 words so far, and very close to completion. It has no redeeming value. Or none beyond the porn and my desire to jump back on the fannish broom. I want to break my writer's block, damn it, and I would be infinitely grateful if someone were to volunteer their services to help push me over the finish line. If anyone is doubtful about the content, feel free to ask!

How is everyone? I've been in and out of the loop, and I missed Leviosa and, well, everything. Any important highlights? News, good or bad? Misery really is a monster of selfishness, and I haven't yet sat down to backread my flist. That's up next, after a quick saunter to the grocer's.
I apologize for disappearing, and I should have left again for work two minutes ago. I still want to finish my Florida post, and I need to catch up with everybody, but life is once again tumultuous and I'm running in circles. So in lieu of anything substantial, have another writing meme!

I saw this on [ profile] abrae's tumblr and nicked it. If you like, select a number and ask me to respond. Or choose a number and answer it yourself. Or post the meme to your journal.

Running now.

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( Jun. 8th, 2015 08:57 pm)
I've been tagged by [ profile] pir8fancier to participate in the 7 lines meme: seven lines from page 7 or 77 of a WIP. I'm going to cheat and post two, one from a fanfic, one from an original fic.

(For the first WIP I opened, the entirety of page 77 is filthy, filthy porn, and I'm too embarrassed to post that out of context. So, second WIP. I must say, you can get a lot of mileage out of compound, comma-spliced sentences. *cough*)

Downward he streaks like a shooting star, picking up speed, the speed of light, faster and faster, the blackness growing, growing brighter, and then—oh Merlin he's on fire. He blazes through the void, keening, "Harry, Harry," while everything he was, everything he is, is being burned, burning up, consumed down to the bone.

"SEVERUS," someone screams. It's too late, he can't stop himself, it's already too late, he's on a collision course with the end of the world, and like a flaming asteroid his life, his whole bloody life, falls through years and space and memories and stars, and detonates on impact.

The force of his landing emits a thunder of light, endless and annihilating. The sum of himself, rage and grief, sacrifice and passion, loathing and love, explodes outward.

For an unknowable span of time Severus Snape disappears from the universe.

Excerpt 2, of which only eleven pages exist. So these convoluted sentences are plucked from page seven.

>Cut for those who have no interest in original fic )

Let's see, I tag [ profile] kellychambliss, [ profile] cerberusia, [ profile] _hannelore, [personal profile] delphi, [ profile] pauraque, [ profile] lash_larue, and [ profile] writcraft.

Have at it, you seven brilliant writers.
OMG OMG OMG!!! faviconmia_ugly is posting a new story!

I don't know if I can properly express how deliriously happy that makes me, the internal wonder that feels like wings unfurling inside my chest. (Sshhh, yes, I know I'm hyperbolic, I can't help it.)

Most Snape/Harry fans who have seen me fall all over myself trying to describe how much I love Mia's work will understand what a thrill and an unlooked-for joy this is. Mia is one of the authors I adore, and her 2009 fic Rapture is a story I would carry with me to a desert island, a fic that defines the pairing for me. If fanfic ever needed to justify its existence, this is one of the first examples I would point to.

Early in May I discovered that Mia had started re-posting her work to AO3. That was fantastic news in and of itself, and I hope she'll be deluged with readers who treasure her beautiful stories as much as I do. What I didn't expect was that she would start posting a WiP, and I may have shrieked a little just now. It's been five years or more, and I never thought I'd see another Snarry fic with her name on it. (If I seem a little incoherent right now, it's because I'm bursting inside with a litany of "hurrahs!")

I'm about to plunge in and start reading, but I was so exhilarated and downright gleeful at the sight that I had to rush over here and flail for a moment to relieve my feelings. Anyone who loves Mia's heartbreaking, gorgeous work is more than welcome to come join me.

(No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I am reccing it sight unseen.)

However I Fall by faviconmia_ugly on Archive of Our Own
I've posted a long entry over on my LJ with some preliminary rules and procedures aimed at the kind of community I hope to foster. It's still in process, so any thoughts or advice are welcome. If anyone wants to take a gander and chip in an opinion, the post is here.

A commenter came up with the name [ profile] hp_salon, which strikes me as pretty much perfect. I don't think of this community as a concrit group, but as a social occasion for talking about fanfic. So [ profile] hp_salon we shall be. :)
*quiet shriek of joy* (Quiet because it's almost 2 a.m. and I'm trying to be considerate here.)

I got a fantastic package in the mail today! Actually the tenant who rents the main house in front of my granny unit got a package - my package - oh so professionally delivered by the postal service to - I bet you thought I was going to say 'a mailbox,' right? Well, how utilitarian of you. I am given to understand that mailboxes are so last century. No, this package full of priceless art was wedged between a grimy, cobwebby exterior drainage pipe and the wall of the house, in full view of anyone passing by on the street. Good thing my neighbor noticed it and made sure it found its way to my door. I suppose I ought to be thankful the mail carrier didn't simply toss it into the middle of the driveway for cars to run over.


However, let me speak of what was inside. You would not believe the wonderful artwork revealed once I ripped open gently and carefully removed the tape and undid the sealed flaps of the envelope. I am now the proud and somewhat dazzled owner of a veritable feast of Snape-related and Snacky art (fortunately undamaged, or there would be hell to pay), courtesy the extraordinary generosity of [ profile] akatnamedeaster.

Many on my flist will already be familiar with Kat's achievement: complex storylines, naked men, humor, heartbreak, pervy sex, besotted sex, grand adventures, character studies, emotional kink, bottoming from the top, daft twonks, magical brutality, mutual devotion, and everything in between, all rendered in graceful pencil lines, panels full of vivid expressions, palpable emotion, and burning hotness. The amount of work that goes into a full-length comic like Advent, for example, which just concluded earlier this evening, is astonishing. Kat's gift for unfolding a story in visual terms makes me, a word person, inexpressibly envious. And her art is distinctive, her conception of the characters potent and beautiful and convincing. It's hard to describe how subtle and various the expressions are, even after many years and hundreds of drawings, how they continue to surprise and delight and breathe life into Severus and Sirius and their friends, family, and milieu.

But the art on paper - the art I've held in my hands - has an extra dimension. It really is that good. Kat really is that talented. It's brought home even more powerfully by me being able to tilt these pages to the light in order to examine the details, the pencil strokes, the highlighting, the anatomy, the careful structuring of the tale. The marvelous, beloved faces. They have a luminous quality. Just take a look at these:

Deviltry - that tensely erotic Snape/Harry pic Kat drew for [ profile] hp_kinkfest in response to my prompt. OMG, Snape's face, so seductive and subtly disturbing.

One of my favorite pages from Advent - Severus and his braces and his dart-throwing pose!

Another favorite page - their expressions and their happiness, Sirius grabbing one of Severus' braces, Severus grabbing Sirius' tie - irresistible.

Welcome Home - rimming! Need I say more?

I also want to link to a drawing I'm in love with that Kat sent me a while ago and I foolishly failed to mention:

Smirky - Snape in his undershirt. Sardonic, intelligent, sexy bastard Snape.

I am blown away. I've been smiling nonstop since I opened the package, and I'll fall asleep thinking about them. Thanks hardly seem adequate, but even so, thank you, Kat. You are an absolute treasure, and I'm so pleased to own originals of the art that has brought me so much joy.
It's rare that I visit deviantArt these days, but I happened to end up there last evening while I was procrastinating over something else, and discovered one of my favorite artists has resumed drawing in HP again after nearly a year's leave of absence. She just posted an absolutely gorgeous portrait of Snape dozing amongst his books, and it's hard to say which is more desirable, Snape or his esoteric collection of magical volumes. As the artist says, it's her fervent OTP. It's elegant and beautifully conceived and shimmering with color; the combination of book-and-Snape lust is quite overpowering.


I urge you to click on the image to enlarge it, because it's even more amazing if you can see the details.

There's also a lovely watercolor portrait of Minerva I just noticed, here:

Minerva's day off.
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( Feb. 4th, 2015 01:32 pm)
This is a quick drive-by and finger-point of a rec, because I ought to be working on something else, but I'd like to encourage more people to read this [ profile] hp_kinkfest entry because I almost didn't attempt it myself. I'm not usually drawn to the kink or the pairing, but [ profile] pauraque wrote it, and I've learned to trust their sensitivity, pinpoint eye for details, attunement to emotional hungers, accretions, confusions, and irrational truths, and their fresh, unflinching approach to characters' deeper experiences.

The kink is lactation, the pairing is Harry/Hermione, and it's a very touching fic. It's not exactly sexual except insofar as breasts and suckling are culturally inflected, and there's a nervous quality to some of their interactions that give a nod to the sense of transgression, but the story isn't really about that. Instead it deals quite honestly with a child's deprivation and with the power of love and the bonds of friendship, of healing and home. It's breathtakingly intimate, to the point that I, as a reader, felt like an intruder upon a supremely private moment.

This is the kind of fic that adds a crucial piece I never knew was missing to my conception of a character. The revelations here will always color how I see Harry now, in a way that deepens my compassion.

It's a short fic (~3600 words) and beautifully handled. Even if you're unsure about the kink, I'd suggest giving it a try.

Rest Your Head Close to My Heart by [ profile] pauraque
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( Feb. 2nd, 2015 10:59 pm)
Mine, all mine! Okay, no, not really, it's for all of us to share, but it's a sizzling piece of artwork for a prompt I left, so I'm just going to swing from the chandelier for a bit. It's practically designed to locate my buttons and descend upon them like a heat-seeking missile.

The picture is of Snape and Harry, Harry caught in Snape's sexual field, which has an air of dark magic and carnal arrogance about it. The artist mentions going for the "erotically elegant," which is everything I could want in this scenario. Elegance rises from the page like sweet and possibly drug-infused smoke.

The kink here? Snape is wearing leather gloves. Harry's licking one finger, eyes closed as if dreaming. His tongue and the leather are touching. Excuse me while I palpitate a little.

The drawing is beautiful and slightly creepy and deeply, um, relevant to my interests. Harry is completely in thrall, and I'm completely entranced, and Snape has the anticipatory, slightly brimstone look of a high priest of virgin sacrifice. He's gorgeous.

Go pay them a visit if you'd like to see what I mean.

Deviltry by [ profile] akatnamedeaster
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( Jan. 23rd, 2015 11:48 pm)
Spotted here and there amongst my flist, most recently [ profile] dbassassin, [ profile] akatnamedeaster, and [ profile] creascendo: When you see this, share 3 lines from each of 3 WIPs.

(In case you can't tell, I'm procrastinating, which I'm beginning to think is the arena in which I truly shine.)

1. Severus waits, unwilling to break the spell, as Harry's ephemeral presence circles him, rippling over, inside his skin, a ghost passing through as if he were a wall. It's Harry, he would swear to it before the Wizengamot, before the whole world, and when he closes his eyes the conviction grows so intense that he's not shocked when nonexistent lips touch his. Don't speak, they say, and the word "Harry" hangs suspended in the silence between them, glowing like a star.

2. Since she had no intention of delivering her next words to Rolanda whilst out of breath, Minerva said without breaking stride, "So. Now we're here, will you have me?"

She turned a keen glance at precisely the moment her companion dipped forward in shock and nearly forked herself broomstick-first into the bracken. Old hand that she was, Rolanda pulled up with reflexes so deft it was clear she'd barely registered her near-tumble, a simple twitch in the greater playbook of Quidditch moves.

3. Harry can tell when Snape bends forward, knows if he were to open his eyes, Snape's face would be right there, staring down at him with the devouring, contemptuous hunger that Harry can't seem to do without. He has a sudden image of himself suspended like a pendulum, blackness flapping, fading, Snape blurring in and out of view through banks of cloud, and he wishes he could have seen that. Could have seen how Snape fought the wind, how his magic kept them aloft, what the two of them looked like, bound together.

Observation: my sentences average out at rather too long, and I am a tad dramatic.
I mentioned this idea in a previous post, and many apologies for the delay in setting it in motion. Sometimes life throws odd curves, such as the need to spend almost two hundred dollars and several days battling flea infestations and upgrading to a usable operating system.

Anyway, this is a preliminary post to explore the interest in such a community. I'm completely open to ideas, and in fact am soliciting them here and now. So far, these are my thoughts:

1. I'm interested in a critique/discussion group for HP fanfic that will be a forum for talking about stories, with topics ranging from investigation of characters, chats about craft and literary technique, canon embellishments, political implications, emotional themes, whatever seems most pertinent to the story. Whatever affects the reader or what seems most fruitful for analysis on the one hand and sheer heart-clutch or delight on the other.

2. It would be opt-in, and possibly moderated membership. Members of the group will submit a) a story of their own that they'd like to see discussed, or b) a fic they enjoyed reading, submitted by permission of the author. It will be your responsibility to contact that author and secure their participation.

2a, since I can't be buggered to adjust all the numbers: those who want to participate but don't want to submit their own fics are welcome. Ditto those who just want to rubberneck from the sidelines because they're shy or not confident in their own powers of analysis. Members can participate to whatever degree feels comfortable.

3. Each discussion will be moderated, and by that I mean someone will post introductory topics or opinions just to get the ball rolling and provide some basis for disagreement and extrapolation. The forum mod will also be responsible for keeping the conversation civil. Which leads to:

4. Concrit will be both acceptable and even expected as an element of discussion. Anyone who participates or submits a story must understand that the approach doesn't mandate praise, although I would hope that critical interpretations would be nuanced and more a matter for examining different facets than condemning the writer's approach. Attacks and insults will be cause for banning.

5. The forum will convene once a month for each new fic, although each discussion can run as long as people have something to say.

This is a bit slapdash, since I'm taking a work break to throw this together in exasperation after promising myself I'd post no later than yesterday. (Do I break promises to myself all the time? Oh, yes.)

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

The best day for convening a monthly discussion would be:

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

1 (16.7%)

0 (0.0%)

1 (16.7%)

1 (16.7%)

1 (16.7%)

1 (16.7%)

See comments
2 (33.3%)

Please feel free to toss ideas around in the comments, expand, question, poke, cast doubt, cheerlead, or what have you.
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( Dec. 31st, 2014 11:22 pm)
Some whining, feel free to skip )

But to speak of better things: I want my fandom back! Or to be back in fandom. I've tried to be a responsible adult and focus on taking care of the desperate mess my life is in, and my efforts have resulted in little more than a sense of worthlessness. Well, to hell with that. Stories and writing and books and conversation and rhapsodizing about the never failing, always fresh talent in fandom - these things make me happy. My friends make me happy. (And oh dear, the first explosions have started in the streets. Sorry, Luna Cat napping beside me on the desk.)

I hope to find a place here again and give myself permission to enjoy. I want to keep writing. I want to read everything I've missed, and leave comments. I want to talk about writing and specifically about our stories.

In fact, I want to broach the subject of an HP discussion/critique group that looks at voluntarily submitted fic on a monthly or twice-monthly basis. (Can you tell I miss analyzing and giving feedback?) But that possibility can wait until next year.

It's not yet time in my part of the world to step over the boundary from today to tomorrow, but I know some of you have already put the old year to bed. May there be joy in the morning and a season of promise for us all. Happy New Beginnings, my friends! ♥

new morning


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