I've missed a ton of birthdays in recent weeks, and I've never been all that good at keeping track anyway. But since I happen to be online today, I've invited Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Erika Mann to help me wish you the best of everything, and to rejoice in the happy accident of having met you through fandom!

Have a joyous birthday and subsequent year, dearest Tetley!

Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Erika Mann
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Thank you so much, dear!! I'm so happy to have met you through fandom, too, and you know how much I cherish, among other things, the wonderful feedback that you've given me.

Annemarie and Erika -- there's two travelling ladies exactly to my taste! :))

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Those gazes pack a punch. I think I'll have to look into them in the future--adding them to the List of Future Historical Crushes!


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