*quiet shriek of joy* (Quiet because it's almost 2 a.m. and I'm trying to be considerate here.)

I got a fantastic package in the mail today! Actually the tenant who rents the main house in front of my granny unit got a package - my package - oh so professionally delivered by the postal service to - I bet you thought I was going to say 'a mailbox,' right? Well, how utilitarian of you. I am given to understand that mailboxes are so last century. No, this package full of priceless art was wedged between a grimy, cobwebby exterior drainage pipe and the wall of the house, in full view of anyone passing by on the street. Good thing my neighbor noticed it and made sure it found its way to my door. I suppose I ought to be thankful the mail carrier didn't simply toss it into the middle of the driveway for cars to run over.


However, let me speak of what was inside. You would not believe the wonderful artwork revealed once I ripped open gently and carefully removed the tape and undid the sealed flaps of the envelope. I am now the proud and somewhat dazzled owner of a veritable feast of Snape-related and Snacky art (fortunately undamaged, or there would be hell to pay), courtesy the extraordinary generosity of [livejournal.com profile] akatnamedeaster.

Many on my flist will already be familiar with Kat's achievement: complex storylines, naked men, humor, heartbreak, pervy sex, besotted sex, grand adventures, character studies, emotional kink, bottoming from the top, daft twonks, magical brutality, mutual devotion, and everything in between, all rendered in graceful pencil lines, panels full of vivid expressions, palpable emotion, and burning hotness. The amount of work that goes into a full-length comic like Advent, for example, which just concluded earlier this evening, is astonishing. Kat's gift for unfolding a story in visual terms makes me, a word person, inexpressibly envious. And her art is distinctive, her conception of the characters potent and beautiful and convincing. It's hard to describe how subtle and various the expressions are, even after many years and hundreds of drawings, how they continue to surprise and delight and breathe life into Severus and Sirius and their friends, family, and milieu.

But the art on paper - the art I've held in my hands - has an extra dimension. It really is that good. Kat really is that talented. It's brought home even more powerfully by me being able to tilt these pages to the light in order to examine the details, the pencil strokes, the highlighting, the anatomy, the careful structuring of the tale. The marvelous, beloved faces. They have a luminous quality. Just take a look at these:

Deviltry - that tensely erotic Snape/Harry pic Kat drew for [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkfest in response to my prompt. OMG, Snape's face, so seductive and subtly disturbing.

One of my favorite pages from Advent - Severus and his braces and his dart-throwing pose!

Another favorite page - their expressions and their happiness, Sirius grabbing one of Severus' braces, Severus grabbing Sirius' tie - irresistible.

Welcome Home - rimming! Need I say more?

I also want to link to a drawing I'm in love with that Kat sent me a while ago and I foolishly failed to mention:

Smirky - Snape in his undershirt. Sardonic, intelligent, sexy bastard Snape.

I am blown away. I've been smiling nonstop since I opened the package, and I'll fall asleep thinking about them. Thanks hardly seem adequate, but even so, thank you, Kat. You are an absolute treasure, and I'm so pleased to own originals of the art that has brought me so much joy.


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