We'll take it as read that I don't post much during periods of insomnia, but as I'm hoping to re-introduce the concept of sleep into my life this week…

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

Hmm, how to whittle down? I suppose I'll have to be satisfied with singling out one all-purpose shipping community, one fest, and one reccing com.

Let's begin with [livejournal.com profile] snape_potter, dedicated to the pairing that brought me into fandom and Potterdom in the first place, the OTP I'm most passionate about. The site is run by the tireless and devoted mods [livejournal.com profile] accioslash and [livejournal.com profile] torino10154; they help keep the enthusiasm for Snape/Harry alive and provide the structure and incentive for fans to write more stories and produce more art. The com hosts several fests per year (for example, it just wrapped up the Secret Snarry Swap, which showcased a fantastic total of 64 entries), encourages posting and linking of Snape/Harry-related work, and occasionally opens up discussions and friending memes. It has been a lifeline to me within the larger fandom, and I'd be lost without it.

There have been and continue to be so many wonderful fests that the competition for choice is fierce, but at this point the one I look forward to with the greatest excitement and affection is probably [insanejournal.com profile] hp_beholder, originally founded by [personal profile] bethbethbeth and currently under [personal profile] delphi's expert stewardship. It's a gift exchange that challenges participants to explore the unconventionally attractive, often-overlooked characters populating HP. From the most unpromising material, the fest has spun a reputation for artistry, subtlety, excellent character studies, surprisingly persuasive pairings, and entries that run the gamut from raunchy and hilarious to sharp-witted and heartbreaking. It doesn't hurt, of course, that Snape is a recurring guest on the premises. If you were looking to convert an unbeliever to the protean talents within fandom, you could do worse than to drop them off the deep end into the backlog of our wonderful Beholder.

Since I'm mourning the imminent closure of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, I've decided to do a shout-out to its sister com, [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom, which specializes in monthly recs for a wide variety of HP fanworks. I say "fanworks," although the community skews heavily toward fic (but then, so do I). Regardless, I love reading the tributes paid to various authors and artists, vidders and (recently) podficcers. I also love writing recs, and I've taken several turns on the 'broom for the sheer pleasure of serenading readers with my opinions. Every month a volunteer crew of reccers spotlights stories and art to share with the larger fanbase, urging the curious to take a chance. There are regularly featured ships - such as Snape/Harry - and looser categories for femslash, next gen, and rarepairs. I always enjoy hearing people talk about what they love and why, and [livejournal.com profile] crack_broom is an ongoing forum created for the purpose of sharing that love. (Btw, they're in dire need of more reccers for the opening months of 2014!)

Day Three: Post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Rather than fret endlessly over which fanworks to rec—because I know myself and how easily I could lapse into another weeks-long delay—I'm going to cheat here and link instead to my slowly evolving list of fics I want to keep track of. I apologize for the absence of art. I'm so word-oriented it's ridiculous; I even canceled my Netflix membership after realizing I'd had the same DVD sitting unopened on the cabinet for three months, because when it came to a contest between reading and watching … well, there was no contest.

Some of the selections have links to recs or comments I've made in the past because I haven't had time to summarize the reasons why each fic is on the list. I rather doubt anyone but the writers themselves will want to slog through my sometimes excessive feedback, but right now this method serves as a shortcut, and I'll keep adding links as I come across them.
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From: [personal profile] tofsla

Well, that post's bookmarked now! I'm pretty sure there are things on the snarry part of that list I haven't read/don't remember anything about, and the general HP stuff is almost entirely unexplored territory. Excellent.

I'm still amazed over the wonder that is [community profile] snape_potter. Actually, I'm amazed by the quality of resources available for snarry in general.
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From: [personal profile] tofsla

Definitely. Having crawled out of the murky depths I have a well-developed appreciation for the whole thing.

That is in fact the opposite of a problem. *g*

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From: [personal profile] delphi

Thank you for the Beholder nod! I don't know about "expert" (even the second year in, I find myself emerging from under a pile of paperwork and looking at the calendar in a panic), but I'm happy to report that the first post of the seventh round will be going up in five days.

From: [identity profile] crystalusagi.livejournal.com

I find it really difficult to rec things, too. But a list of things one enjoys is always good. Looking forward to going through that list of Snapledore and Snape gen.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Actually, I love reccing things, but the three-rec restriction would tie me in knots. I wouldn't have a prayer in hell of narrowing it down to just three, and I was chafing at the thought of having to leave so many lovely stories unmentioned.

Good Snape fic is one of the crowning joys of HP fandom; the dour bugger attracts some of the most accomplished and interesting writers I've read anywhere. There are Snapledore and gennish treasures galore, but I'd also recommend straying outside your known preferences and sampling a few odd pairings. Forgive me if I've already urged these upon you, but I could proselytize at length about Delphi's "In Memory of Sigmund Freud" and "Father to the Man," because they're wonderful enough that it's worth setting aside your initial resistance. Ditto "The Courtship of Benjamin Jink." Those are three of my favorite Snape fics bar none, and that includes Snarry.

From: [identity profile] crystalusagi.livejournal.com

I don't mind straying outside of Snarry if the fic still has Snape and is good. =) Thanks for the recs!

From: [identity profile] tweedisgood.livejournal.com

Your running track list of fics-not-recs is such a good idea, I might pinch it for my own purposes. Then, when I finally get to read the rest of the Potterverse, I'll come back to the bookmarked list and catch up with HP fic.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

The challenge lies in maintaining it - in remembering to record a fic at the relevant moment rather than wrack my brains later over the niggling suspicion that I've left something behind. (Memory is far from my trustworthiest brain function these days.) I do love scanning down the post knowing I can click at random and be met with a fic that delights and satisfies me. Which is half the purpose; it's both "PI's Rec List of Doom" and a personalized magpie's hoard. Behold the pleasure principle in action.

I'll be curious to see if HP appeals to you. I admit I'm primarily interested in what the fans have created around the series. Not so much because the books are flawed, although they are that, but because JKR's handling of the themes leads to interesting tensions and moral quandaries that fanfic writers have the latitude to grab and run with. Fortunately for me, fandom doesn't insist that writers reproduce the tone of the series. Most of us go darker or crackier or more adult, and not just in the sexually explicit sense. It really does resemble an enormous playground where no one feels obliged to hew to the Hero's Journey. I stick to certain constellations of characters and can barely keep up. Then there's the presence of magic - what a tempting and resilient metaphor.

…aaaaaand that's enough proselytizing for now. Whoops. Beg your pardon.

From: [identity profile] demarafis.livejournal.com

Aha, so that's why you have a pseudo-recs list! I've been thinking of something similar for non-HP fics. God knows I love some horrific fics something awful because of the tropes they contain.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hello, lovely! *blows you a kiss*

Well, they're also pseudo-recs because I don't have time to add a paragraph to each one explaining why I love them so. Thus the rec part is conspicuously missing. But it's a relief to have them all rounded up so I can click straight through whenever I get the urge, and maybe other readers will discover something here to enjoy.

You'd be surprised (or more likely not) how many of us cling to our awful trope-y fics. Most of my faves at least fall within the lines of "reasonably well-written" to "spectacular," but they also excel at mashing my buttons.

From: [identity profile] demarafis.livejournal.com

Sometimes I don't know what to say for great fics. How do I convey the right level of emotional impact or enthusiasm I have for them other than through proportionate keysmashing? :P

I've "recced" fics with grammar and spelling errors written by obvious non-English authors. Kinda want to hide behind anonymous masks for them because my horrible tastes are obvious there.


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