Mine, all mine! Okay, no, not really, it's for all of us to share, but it's a sizzling piece of artwork for a prompt I left, so I'm just going to swing from the chandelier for a bit. It's practically designed to locate my buttons and descend upon them like a heat-seeking missile.

The picture is of Snape and Harry, Harry caught in Snape's sexual field, which has an air of dark magic and carnal arrogance about it. The artist mentions going for the "erotically elegant," which is everything I could want in this scenario. Elegance rises from the page like sweet and possibly drug-infused smoke.

The kink here? Snape is wearing leather gloves. Harry's licking one finger, eyes closed as if dreaming. His tongue and the leather are touching. Excuse me while I palpitate a little.

The drawing is beautiful and slightly creepy and deeply, um, relevant to my interests. Harry is completely in thrall, and I'm completely entranced, and Snape has the anticipatory, slightly brimstone look of a high priest of virgin sacrifice. He's gorgeous.

Go pay them a visit if you'd like to see what I mean.

Deviltry by [livejournal.com profile] akatnamedeaster
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