This is a quick drive-by and finger-point of a rec, because I ought to be working on something else, but I'd like to encourage more people to read this [ profile] hp_kinkfest entry because I almost didn't attempt it myself. I'm not usually drawn to the kink or the pairing, but [ profile] pauraque wrote it, and I've learned to trust their sensitivity, pinpoint eye for details, attunement to emotional hungers, accretions, confusions, and irrational truths, and their fresh, unflinching approach to characters' deeper experiences.

The kink is lactation, the pairing is Harry/Hermione, and it's a very touching fic. It's not exactly sexual except insofar as breasts and suckling are culturally inflected, and there's a nervous quality to some of their interactions that give a nod to the sense of transgression, but the story isn't really about that. Instead it deals quite honestly with a child's deprivation and with the power of love and the bonds of friendship, of healing and home. It's breathtakingly intimate, to the point that I, as a reader, felt like an intruder upon a supremely private moment.

This is the kind of fic that adds a crucial piece I never knew was missing to my conception of a character. The revelations here will always color how I see Harry now, in a way that deepens my compassion.

It's a short fic (~3600 words) and beautifully handled. Even if you're unsure about the kink, I'd suggest giving it a try.

Rest Your Head Close to My Heart by [ profile] pauraque
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From: [personal profile] pauraque

Thanks kindly for the rec! (And my pronoun is "he", if you were not sure. I should probably state that outright on my profile, since I've been getting a few "they"s lately. :) )

From: [identity profile]

I thought this was so lovely. I felt exactly the same way - that I was a voyeur looking into something so incredibly precious and fragile. I broke down near the end, because of the heartbreaking moment that followed the act itself. It was so moving, and yet had me on the edge of my seat, as if I was about to be caught watching them.

From: [identity profile]

I felt off-balance through the whole fic because Pauraque steered it around all my doubts and assumptions and took it somewhere I didn't expect. And each new turn was like a step into unknown territory, especially for Harry, and it brought out a fragility in him that I don't usually associate with his charactert. Harry's not very introspective, and Pauraque gently draws attention to the fact that it may be in part because there are things too painful for him to delve into too deeply. But they're things that mean the world to him.

I agree about the feeling of voyeurism - which adds an extra layer of kink, this sense of the reader almost spying on the characters. It's so very immediate and private.

From: [identity profile]

Agreed and [ profile] pauraque handled what is a very intimate and in my mind, difficult to write kink with perfect sensitivity and understanding, something that's often hard to come by with kink stories. It really was exquisitely done.

From: [identity profile]

Yes, that intimacy and [ profile] pauraque's awareness of - I guess I'd call them pitfalls in portraying this kink, the social/sexual pressure to treat it a certain way, and his ability to take it out of that context and personalize it - really made an impression on me. The fact that it was erotic but not sexual, and the delicacy with which he brought that to light, illuminates the whole fic.

From: [identity profile]

Sounds wonderful and if there is one thing that the films managed to do (apart from invoke horror) was to open me up to the idea of Harry and Hermione. Plus, well, anything that gives good Harry is fine by me.

From: [identity profile]

I'm not actually much interested in Harry/Hermione, although I do like the idea of the Trio staying together in a poly relationship. But this fic shows something different Harry and Hermione can give each other, and does it with great sweetness and power.

From: [identity profile]

Thanks for the rec, the story is splendid, and captures what I recall of that bond.


From: [identity profile]

Oh, I'm glad you gave it a try. I'm still marveling at all the emotional threads the author picked up in each scene and wove together with such compassion.

I sometimes throw the word "beautiful" around too freely, but this one really deserves to be described that way.


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