OMG OMG OMG!!! faviconmia_ugly is posting a new story!

I don't know if I can properly express how deliriously happy that makes me, the internal wonder that feels like wings unfurling inside my chest. (Sshhh, yes, I know I'm hyperbolic, I can't help it.)

Most Snape/Harry fans who have seen me fall all over myself trying to describe how much I love Mia's work will understand what a thrill and an unlooked-for joy this is. Mia is one of the authors I adore, and her 2009 fic Rapture is a story I would carry with me to a desert island, a fic that defines the pairing for me. If fanfic ever needed to justify its existence, this is one of the first examples I would point to.

Early in May I discovered that Mia had started re-posting her work to AO3. That was fantastic news in and of itself, and I hope she'll be deluged with readers who treasure her beautiful stories as much as I do. What I didn't expect was that she would start posting a WiP, and I may have shrieked a little just now. It's been five years or more, and I never thought I'd see another Snarry fic with her name on it. (If I seem a little incoherent right now, it's because I'm bursting inside with a litany of "hurrahs!")

I'm about to plunge in and start reading, but I was so exhilarated and downright gleeful at the sight that I had to rush over here and flail for a moment to relieve my feelings. Anyone who loves Mia's heartbreaking, gorgeous work is more than welcome to come join me.

(No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I am reccing it sight unseen.)

However I Fall by faviconmia_ugly on Archive of Our Own
elf: Snape: Screw you all; I'm going back to the Dark Lord (Snape hates you all)

From: [personal profile] elf

Reccing it sight unseen is fine by me. Thanks!

From: [identity profile]

My feelings exactly! I am so happy to see her new snarry posted! *fans herself*

From: [identity profile]

Usually when writers leave a fandom and a pairing, they never come back. So this quite knocked me back on my heels. I am so delighted!

From: [identity profile]

I am very happy for you, and I freely admit that Snape/Harry is a lot more plausible to me than Snape/Granger, which is impossible, ;)

I wish you joy of the reading, and I may even check it out myself.

Just because you say so.


From: [identity profile]

Heh. At least Snape and Harry are constantly getting up in each other's faces, which gives shippers something to work with. (Actually, I'm not sure who I ship Hermione with. Definitely not Ron.)

Thank you for being pleased for me. :) It's like a surprise gift when a much-beloved author reappears after a years-long absence.

(And if you were at all tempted to read one of Mia's fics - not saying you have to, but if - I'd point you to "Rapture," because it's finished and because it's beautiful.)

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad for you, it's a wonderful thing when one of your favorite writers posts something new with your otp. Happy reading Idyll.

From: [identity profile]

*hugs* Oh, Kat, you are the most generous and lovely soul. I know you've been hurting for lack of something similar for Severus and Sirius, and I hope one of your favorite writers reappears like this. It's quite a happy shock. *hugs*

From: [identity profile]

GIDDY. That's the only word I can find. GIDDY. I am all a-flail!

ETA: In fact, so giddy I entirely forgot my manners. Thank you so much for the heads up!
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From: [identity profile]

YES. That's exactly it. I don't want to sound like a total idiot, but we all have special authors who sweep us off our feet and make us goofy with delight. Mia's one of mine.

You are so welcome! I figured there might be some oblivious folks like me who hadn't realized yet.

Enjoy the fic. It's wonderful. Now comes the hard part - settling down and waiting patiently. :D

From: [identity profile]

I have a quick, sentimental look through LJ every couple of weeks or even months , and today I read this post. This makes me so excited I can't now focus on anything else :). I'm leaving the story for the evening, when the setting will be appropriate, nobody will bother me and I can do my own bit of time travel.

From: [identity profile]

Excellent timing!

Even if you've mostly left a fandom behind, there are some people it's worth coming back for. :D

From: [identity profile]

I did a bit of flailing and squealing when I read your post. Thank you for letting us know the good news! Note to self: must buy food before I start reading.

From: [identity profile]

Yay, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I love all the writers who have stuck around these Snarry parts, but it's so lovely when a favorite author one had assumed gone for good returns unexpectedly to the fold.

From: [identity profile]

Oh! These are wonderful news!
And the story is soo good. It's been a while since I was so excited by a Harry/Snape story.

Thanks for letting us know! It would have passed me by otherwise.

From: [identity profile]

Yes, I agree! The first chapter - just the first few paragraphs - instantly cast the spell unique to Mia's writing. I love her style and voice, her compassion and distinctive characterization.

The opening chapter was up for almost two weeks before I realized it was there, so I figured other people might not have noticed yet, either.

Now I have to read it over again so I can fashion an intelligent and not too dithery comment. :P

From: [identity profile]

Thank you for the rec! I would've missed it otherwise.

Now I'm agonising over my comment to her story; I seem to be off my commenting game lately. *tears hair*

From: [identity profile]

You're not the only one, believe me. My life hit yet another rough patch (I am so fricking tired of this particular road being nothing but rough patches), and I still haven't commented, even though I collected a whole page of quotes from the first chapter to help me focus.

By the way, do you enjoy [ profile] auctasinistra's Snarry fic? I love her work, her subtlety and quiet lyricism and characterization. She posted the first few chapters of a WiP on her LJ, starting here (, and it's wonderful, exactly the sort of Snarry fic I crave. I haven't commented on that one yet either, because I SUCK. *headshake*

But soon. Soon soon soon, I will have the time and wherewithal to read and write again.

Also, hi!

From: [identity profile]

HI! Since mid-September I've been around, but not posting. I made the incongruous mistake of assuming that if people don't post it means they're away from LJ. Then, I feel reluctant to comment on older posts, which probably means others also think I'm away. It's a vicious circle. Anyway!

I also operate by gathering quotes to construct a comment. Still, it took me a ridiculous amount of time to articulate my thoughts and feelings about the story. For some weeks, I've been forcing myself to comment as I read, otherwise it'll be months or years of putting it off.

Thank you, I hadn't seen her new story, and will add it to my reading list. Her name is certainly familiar, yet I remember only one of her titles. Feels like it ought to be more.

I was thrilled to receive your comment. You've been on my mind lately; I was wondering how life has been for you since spring. I'm sorry that things are still rough. If you wish to talk about it, I'm happy to listen. Here, through inboxes, or how/where-ever you prefer.

"Soon"? Do you foresee things improving in the near future? For your sake, I hope things turn around directly. *hugs*


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