Okay, so it's been months and months, and I've worked myself into a corner where I feel shy about sticking my nose back into fandom. Apologies for my last few appearances, because I haven't exactly covered myself with glory in the friendship department. I meant to answer all comments! Truly I did! All the support and love really mattered and really did help. But I haven't been equal to the occasion, and it was all part of the process of becoming a nonentity.

Life is: a) not worth talking about, 2) occurring mostly behind a grey curtain where my job consumes the best part of me, and 3) a bit like being on a lemming wheel (yes, I'm mixing those metaphors on purpose). It's better than it was a year ago. It has potential. But it's still 90% drudgework and insecurity. but still. Better.

In related news, I haven't written anything in ages. I haven't finished anything in even longer. I barely read anymore. I've lost contact with friends. This is driving me frickin' nuts. Enough with the greyness. I think I've regained enough of my brain and my curiosity and imagination that I might be able to scrape off the rust and revive various unfinished projects.

Sooo … I'm here, quite self-centeredly, to ask for a beta. A beta for a smut fic. A Snarry smut fic, to be precise. I wish it were something more complex and interesting! But I'm not ready to pick up the layered or long-running storylines yet. For me, writing is like exercise: I lose the strength, the endurance, the muscle memory if I'm away from it for too long. I've been fiddling around, trying to bulldoze my way through the re-entry phase of unmitigated crap. To refamiliarize myself with the feel and shape of words. To remember the characters.

The fic? Well, it's a PWP, over 8000 words so far, and very close to completion. It has no redeeming value. Or none beyond the porn and my desire to jump back on the fannish broom. I want to break my writer's block, damn it, and I would be infinitely grateful if someone were to volunteer their services to help push me over the finish line. If anyone is doubtful about the content, feel free to ask!

How is everyone? I've been in and out of the loop, and I missed Leviosa and, well, everything. Any important highlights? News, good or bad? Misery really is a monster of selfishness, and I haven't yet sat down to backread my flist. That's up next, after a quick saunter to the grocer's.
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From: [personal profile] torino10154

Hey there. Good to see you. <3

If you'd like, I'm sure the [community profile] snape_potter fest beta, [personal profile] badgerlady, would take a look for you. She's a retired copy editor but good with plot stuff too if so required. Let me know if you're interested or just email me and I'll see what I can do.
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From: [personal profile] torino10154

After I commented, I went over to LJ where I saw #1 that you'd had a few offers and #2 that we aren't friends there, which I do plan to rectify. :)

From: [identity profile] iulia_linnea.livejournal.com

I'm just finishing up a fest and am not prepared to beta, but I wanted to say hi. Hi! It's so good to see you around! *smooches*

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hello! *big hugs* It's lovely to see you here, too! And to know you're still modding. I assume you've got a Snape/Hermione fest on your hands?

I hope to stick around this time and stop with the disappearing act. I've been away too long, and life is much less of a pleasure when there's no fandom and fannish friends to help me get through it.

From: [identity profile] iulia_linnea.livejournal.com

Good! I'm glad you're going to try to be around more; I've missed you. *huggles*

P.S. Yes, I've been running the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_promptfest, and it's been good (but I do find myself missing other pairings)!
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From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

It's such a relief to hang out here. Now if I can just keep the real life blues from intruding…

Incidentally, I've been backreading through my flist, and some of the stuff you've weathered in the past few months makes me quite anxious for you. I can't imagine how you kept it together. (And I know it's not for me to say, but your mom's attitude pisses me off. The double standard and ingratitude. I'm sorry she treated you that way. Hell's bells, the things you did for her! But I'm also glad you don't have to be responsible for her while simultaneously taking care of yourself.)

*more hugs for good measure*

From: [identity profile] iulia_linnea.livejournal.com

It's been a challenging period, no question, which is why I agree with you about fandom. Hanging out here keeps me distracted and sane. :D

*huge big hugs*

P.S. About what you said about Mom? Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it.
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From: [identity profile] akatnamedeaster.livejournal.com

It is making me feel very bouncy to see you on LJ so much today! *bounces*

I'm not much of a writer though, unfortunately, so you're not going to want my beta services. :/

But yay! You wrote smut and it's nearly done smut! There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little PWP from time to time.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hoorah, I have today off! And I actually feel halfway human! Fancy that, eh? And in about a month I'll be taking on a managerial position that will stress me out something fierce but at least pay me enough that I'm not praying to the bankruptcy gods every week. The prospect of not having to struggle so hard financially has already lifted a huge fucking weight from my shoulders. It's kind of sad that my self-esteem is so tied to my earning potential and sense of self-sufficiency, but genteel poverty is a time-consuming and humiliating business.

Aw, thanks for the nod anyway, love. You wouldn't want me as your art beta, either, believe me. Plus the storytelling and dialogue in your comics is brilliant, so I suspect if you really wanted to write, you'd be pretty great at it.

Hah! I was counting on writing smut being easy! More fool I. Umpteen months ago, Torino left a prompt at the Daily Deviant fest, and I thought I'd dash off a quick comment fic. Yeah, right. Quick. I'll never be reliable at "dashing" anything off, and I should just accept it. Especially when I'm out of practice and full of self-doubt.

Still, 8000 words, right? How much longer can these two wankers fool around?

From: [identity profile] iulia_linnea.livejournal.com

Just seconding your thoughts about [livejournal.com profile] akatnamedeaster's writing—how can you say you're not much of a writer?! You write your comics, and all the long, meaty ones I've, er, read *g* are excellent from both an art and fic standpoint!

From: [identity profile] akatnamedeaster.livejournal.com

Thanks very much for saying so, I put a lot of heart into those even if they're a bit rough round the edges.

Writing dialogue, narrative is so much different than straight prose. Trust me, my prose is purple and long-winded and just painful. I need to write in little boxes just to keep things short and sweet.

From: [identity profile] iulia_linnea.livejournal.com

I think you're probably too hard on yourself because most of us fail to appreciate our finer points as writers, right? I won't argue with your self-assessment because no one could ever talk me out of mine; I'll just say that when I read your comics, never for a moment do I doubt that Severus and Sirius belong together in the universe you create for them. Never, ever. :)

From: [identity profile] akatnamedeaster.livejournal.com

Thank you. :)

(I keep meaning to finish a short fic I started and post it anon somewhere to see if it's as bad as I think without having to embarrass myself.)

From: [identity profile] akatnamedeaster.livejournal.com

The prospect of not having to struggle so hard financially has already lifted a huge fucking weight from my shoulders. It's kind of sad that my self-esteem is so tied to my earning potential and sense of self-sufficiency, but genteel poverty is a time-consuming and humiliating business.

Not so sad really, I have the same feelings as I'm making slow headway back into the working world in order to keep our heads above water. Society sets us up to tie our self worth into earning potential.

Besides, not being able to pay your bills is stressful and stress can do a number on your well being. I'm just glad to hear that there may be some relief in the future. I'm really rooting for you, kid!
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From: [personal profile] femmequixotic

Hello, my dear, and welcome back! I'm sorry life's been difficult. *hugs* I sympathize with the effort it takes to get back into fandom again. I'm going through that myself, because I've missed the creativity and companionship this community provides. It's hard to get back into the swing of things sometimes, though! /0\

If you still need a beta, let me know---I'd be more than willing to help out!

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hello, hello! Good heavens, Femme, I would say that organizing an entire HP convention is coming back into fandom with a splash! That was awe-inspiring, and I bow to you.

My friends here have been wonderful to me, while I've been, shall we say, underwhelming in response. It's tricky to step back into fandom when I still can't claim to have my act together. But I miss it, and I feel like less of a toxic cloud now than I have been for the last two years, so maybe I can slide back into place and start reciprocating.

I would be thrilled and delighted to have you beta this totally inconsequential piece of porn! It's ridiculous that I can't just buckle down and do it myself, but I'm in that weird place where I don't trust my judgment re: the writing quality or hotness quotient. If you genuinely have time, I'll send it along. One way or another, I want to get my writing back on track.

*hugs* Thank you!
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From: [personal profile] femmequixotic

Hi, dear! Absolutely--please send it to me! Do you have my email? It's quixotic.femme @ gmail, if you don't. I'm really looking forward to reading it. \0/

From: [identity profile] therealsnape.livejournal.com

It's good to hear things are, albeit just very slightly, better. I see you have a beta, but if you need a backup or something, I'm there.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hello, my dear! It's still baffling to me that it's taken so long to regain even some of the ground I lost. Maybe I'm just not as resilient as I used to be.

If my volunteer finds she can't fit the fic into her schedule, I may come knocking timidly on your door. It's not the sort of thing I'd ordinarily foist on a non-Snarry reader, though. Pairings you have no interest in can be challenging enough to read even with a good plot and witty dialogue. This one is just an excuse to write the prompter's kinks. But in either case, thank you!

From: [identity profile] alasandalack.livejournal.com


we seem to be in the same kind of space. i'm sorry, it never crossed my mind there might be others here. your genius hasn't changed, by the way; probably you can't see it, cos the grey seems to work like that, but i still can. therefore, if you need a second/backup beta, here's my offer *plunks it down*. i won't be offended if you can't use it. i'm not being polite; it's just a long, LONG time since i made anything, so if you don't mind i'll just sit and smile at it for a while.

(thank you for posting, for reason stated in subject line, and [natch] a selfish one as well. Al thinks LJ/Dreamwidth will help, and he knew what would bring me back, too.)

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Re: ohgoodheavenslookit'syou!

Bug! Hello! What a delightful surprise! Long time no see. And yes, here I am, although it was certainly not my intent to end up here, in this unproductive grey space. And I've no doubt you didn't ask to be dropped here, either, in this mental space where it's so bloody hard to write.

But one of the great pleasures of LJ/DW is that people come back, and lurk, and remember, and those connections are still there. It's something I've had reason to be grateful for over the years. People forgive long absences and silences and disappearing acts and will welcome you back without a single admonishing word.

I'm just sitting here beaming foolishly at the screen, because it's so good to see your name again! And I will sit here with you admiring your offer, and be glad you made it (congratulations on making something - I know the feeling!), and I will take you up on that offer, not so much because my ridiculous piece of smut deserves it but because it will give me a chance to talk to you. (Really, I'm tempted to cover my face and groan, because this is possibly the most negligible thing I've ever written, and my friends are humoring my random impulse to go on and on about two men fucking, and everyone's being extremely gracious about it.)

If you're in the concrit-giving spirit, I will happily send this to you. Even if you're merely curious! That works, too. Because, in the end, this is a vanishingly small icebreaker of a fic intended to get me back in a fic-writing mood.

And if, in the greater scheme of things, poking at someone else's words were to stir in you the hankering to write again, that would more than justify the existence of this bit of porn. And it would make me giddy with joy. (Speaking of genius. Just saying. You and Al are so utterly gifted, and I miss you and your style and wit.)

What email address should I send it to? (By the way, if you happen to change your mind, no worries, okay?)

From: [identity profile] alasandalack.livejournal.com

Re: ohgoodheavenslookit'syou!

i'm going to PM you my email, cos "family" (really, what should i call them? Blood seems to fit, so that's their name until i be bothered to think about them some more -_- )
ANYway, to finish the sentence. the Blood are pissed cos i didn't attend some funerals, so they've intensified the stalking, and my "brother" (ARGH!) stole some money from us, and he can hack things i don't know exist... but not this email address :-) ha ha. p

probably repeating myself (and too lethargic to double check), but i'm so so so glad you're here. and that you're writing, and you're writing Snarry, cos i've never really believed that the fandom keeps running in my absence. how's that for egotism?

OK, i'm starting to have word trouble, so PM teleport & info allocation sequence beginning nnnnnnow.
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From: [identity profile] tweedisgood.livejournal.com

Hi! So good to see you back, I've thought about you often but didn't want to nag if you were just feeling like some space.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Tweed! Ah, it makes me happy just to see your familiar icon. Hello, m'dear!

The last two and some years have been the worst of my life - not what I was expecting, I tell you. The digging-out process has progressed slowly, and the changes haven't been all that rewarding, but things continue to inch forward. Just, phew. I can't wait to put the low points behind me.

Is life being good to you? Are you still writing? (Please say yes.) I ought to start browsing around AO3 and find out, eh? It does feel as if someone took a dry eraser and just swiped it through my fannish landscape. I get the impression the LJ bleed-off continues apace.

From: [identity profile] tweedisgood.livejournal.com

I did see some of the fallout over the shop et al. I can't imagine having your strength in the same circumstances. 'Phew' it is and long may you continue to recover towards flourishing.

Life - well, it goes on. Work was driving and reversing over me for much of last year [not in any way comparable to your experience, just really pressurised] but things have eased with a new boss and some more staff. Writing took a back seat but I have produced a few things and they are, with one exception, at A03.

LJ has not so much bled off as become all but exsanguinated. ACD Holmes fandom clings on, a bit, but the ACD_holmesfest is on hiatus as it all got too much for me and the other mods to sustain last year. It may revive. We'll see.

From: [identity profile] cerberusia.livejournal.com

I'm so glad to see you post! You didn't sound happy when you last posted, and I have occasionally thought over the past few months, "I wonder how P_I's getting on?" I'm really glad that things are less crap than they were, because they were really very crap, and you are a good person who does not deserve that sort of treatment from Life.

You already know what I think of your fic, so it should come as no surprise that I am well excited for your Snarry PWP. "Character study expressed through the medium of hot, explicit sex" is my favourite genre! If you want another beta, I volunteer myself.

Good to see you back ♥

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Aw, thank you! <3 I kept telling myself I was going to post something and then didn't follow through. I even filled out memes I never actually did anything with; they're buried somewhere in my docs folder, to be deleted at a later date when I finally come across them again.

I appreciate the sympathy about the rough road. I'm sure there were better ways to deal with the string of disasters I faced than the way I ended up handling them, but for the longest time I couldn't be arsed to care. Sometimes you just have to hold on until you can deal with them.

If you'd be willing to take a look at the PWP, I'd love that! It stalled out right as I embarked upon the final variation, as it were, mostly because my brain abruptly switched tracks and started trying to cram plot and backstory into a fic that can't accommodate complications without a thorough overhaul. I cycled through about eight different ideas, launching into major detours and then retracing my steps, only to end up back at the rimming scene (which I mention in case that's a squick for you). I don't know why my brain took flight and decided I needed a break from the smut when smut is the entire point, but it took me a few thousand words to hammer home the fact that off-road plotty scenes killed the story's spark. No wonder I still haven't finished it.

Also, just because I kept meaning to comment to your journal and never did:

Yay, you're a Person of Interest fan! It's one of my favorite secondary fandoms, and one of the few network shows I've watched faithfully, even though I have about a hundred bones to pick with the direction they took from the third season onward. But I love the characters so much, and the Machine, and many of the Numbers, and the ambitious focus on moral questions (even if that ended up fizzling out). I will always regret they weren't allowed to run a full seven seasons.

Second: I want to thank you for introducing me to Bill and Ted. I'd never heard of them before, but I completely fell in love with them; those sketches are a delight. What incredible sweethearts.

From: [identity profile] cerberusia.livejournal.com

Rimming, you say? This gets better and better! Oh yes, I know that problem. I think the trick is making the non-smutty scenes sexy so they carry the tone of the piece through.

I love PoI so very, very much! Have you read anything by livenudebigfoot on AO3? If not, I heartily recommend her entire PoI oeuvre: sharp characterisation and lovely prose. I'm really quite jealous of her wordsmithing. I'm only on Series 2 yet, and I just adore all the characters. I can't quite believe how much sheer enjoyment I'm getting out of it!

Ted & Ralph? I'm nominating them for Yuletide this year, I love them so! They're complete sweethearts: I regularly rewatch the sketches and coo.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

*facepalm* I can't believe I typed "Bill and Ted." How hopelessly American of me. I've never even seen the movie(s), but apparently cultural osmosis is inescapable.

Ted and Ralph, yes. What a completely adorable premise for a sketch comedy show.

Livenudebigfoot is amazing! I have two of her fics on my recs list, and Armor is one of my favorite things in any fandom. I feel exactly the same way about her wordsmithing. She's never trite, and she's as psychologically acute as she is brilliantly descriptive. I keep meaning to go back and leave her excited comments on every chapter, but you know how good intentions pan out.

You might also check out Weeds (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1051092/chapters/2102962) if you haven't already. It's dedicated to LNBF from her friend Dien, and it's also wonderfully written, although in a more vernacular style. It's still a work-in-progress, but if that doesn't bother you, I'd recommend diving in.

I'll send you the fic, if you don't mind. I may have falsely advertised the rimming scene, since I stalled out right about at that point. Also, there aren't many non-smut bits to speak of; I kept taking out the ones I'd put in because they rambled off in various unhelpful directions and felt as if they belonged in a different story.

My email addy is perverseidyll1956 @ gmail.com, if you want to drop me your contact info. And no pressure on the beta. This fic isn't for an exchange or fest, merely my own amusement.

From: [identity profile] cerberusia.livejournal.com

I am in fact subscribed to Weeds :D

I will e-mail you forthwith, now Baby's First Job Interview is over (started with unexpected 15-questions-in-15-minutes no-calculator maths test; I have not done simultaneous equations since I was 16. An experience, to be sure. At least the interview went well?)

From: [identity profile] enname.livejournal.com

Ah, that is a relief! You are alive :) I had been worrying, but had presumed no news at all was good news.. and it was.

I submitted, passed my doctorate, graduated, have been working full time on contract positions in academic support in the library, and am trying to work out what to do with my shitty arse life. While attempting not to fall over. That is about it really.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Yes, I've moped and brooded and generally been the most unproductive person on earth, but I've emerged from the slough and lived to tell the tale. It's not a place I ever want to go back to, and I feel distinctly the worse for wear, but a few glimmers of my old self are starting to return.

Whoa, congratulations on earning your doctorate! Talk about a labor of love and rhapsodic intellect (because that is how I think of you, you know, as someone who is genuinely inspired by the complex interplay of culture, history, and metaphor). Although it seems to have deposited you in a crappy job - contract, ergo no benefits, I presume?

Ah, shitty arse life. I always assumed I would one day find my true path, or figure out how to make a living off the (very few) things I do reasonably well, but I was mistaken. There's a lot of compromise and enforced detours in life, usually associated with money or the lack thereof. I'm not particularly reconciled to the situation, but I've left off blaming myself for not transcending it. I hope you have better luck predicting the future than I did.

attempting not to fall over

Is this post-doc exhaustion, or is your body giving you a hard time? I hope this doesn't mean you're in pain. :(

Also, hi hi hi! It's wonderful to see you again!

From: [identity profile] kellychambliss.livejournal.com

So good to see you, dear! Though I'm sorry to hear of the continuing woes (and sorry to be late to the commenting party; it's been an unexpectedly busy week).

If you're still looking for a Snarry beta, sign me up.

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Hello, hello! It's good to be here, and I hope my burst of optimism continues. I'm very tired of being a dead weight and a no show.

And no need to apologize, I entirely understand being swept away by a crazy busy week.

Thank you for the beta offer! I'll see how my volunteers are doing, and if they can't swing it or the fic doesn't click with them, I may come begging a favor. I have a hard time foisting this one on my non-Snarry peeps, though. Smut and nothing but isn't very interesting if the pairing falls outside your purview.

From: [identity profile] lash-larue.livejournal.com

Great to see you!

I hope the new job is not as stressful as you fear, and I'm glad that things should ease up on you financially. Money problems really wreck your mood. Even make food taste bad.

I'd still rather be me or you than Donald Trump, though.


From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Lash! Hello! *hugs* I apologize for vanishing again and missing out on what's happened around these parts. I know this is belated concern, but I do hope your shoulder is mending nicely. I'm pretty impressed (and a little alarmed) that you pulled an entire deck apart and put it back together while your shoulder was undoubtedly giving you a bad time.

Oh yeah, I'm ready to trade overwork stress for money stress, at least for the time being. I still have a long way to go to dig out from under the debt dunghill, and I need to get cracking.

I'd still rather be me or you than Donald Trump, though.

Now there's a thought that never crossed my mind. You're entirely right, and I'm vaguely nauseated by the very idea. *shudder*

From: [identity profile] pir8fancier.livejournal.com

Sounds like you have a plethora of betas but you know I'm always here. Lovely to see you and glad to hear the fog of sadness is lifting!

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Why, thank you, my dear! I'm sorry I've been so out of touch and unreliable. I completely spaced out on Leviosa, partly because I disappeared under a wave of work, but mostly because I wasn't connecting very well through the fog. I cannot express how hopeful I am that the dreariness may finally be lifting, and how grateful that people have been so kind and patient with me.

If I get stuck on this fic again, I may come to you for help. In fact, I might send you a different unfinished smut piece altogether (apparently, under the influence of misfortune, one's thoughts turn to porn) if you're willing to take a look at it. It's another fic I stopped writing because I started doubting my ability to judge whether something was good, bad, or not worth saving.

How are things with you?

From: [identity profile] pir8fancier.livejournal.com

You were missed at Leviosa. Especially at the Snape-centric events (of which there were many). They plan on doing it again in a couple of years, so you nudge you when plans firm up. It was a lot of fun (although, OMG, hot).

Of course send me anything. I'd be happy to read whatever you've written. Always.

I am good? Far too busy. My mother has had to give up her license so I'm over there at her house a lot. I'm tentatively reducing my hours by one day a week after the New Year. Fucks up my retirement a bit, but can't be helped. As you know, traffic in California has reached insane proportions. I'm on the road at least two hours/day. Throw in the time I need to spend with my mother. Ugh.

Anyway, so happy to hear you're getting "your sea legs back." And SEND!

From: [identity profile] dbassassin.livejournal.com

Hello there! Sorry about the late arrival to the party; I don't log on to this account all that often anymore, but I'm so happy to see you!

I'm glad to hear that the skies have been starting to lighten for you, and you're starting to feel a bit more your old self. Don't apologise for taking the time you needed to tend to more immediate necessities than fandom.

It's entirely understandable that creativity flies out the window when you've taken such knocks. As to what you're writing, you're probably correct that this is a phase to go through to get the old creative wheels spinning again. The deeper thoughts and more eloquent storylines will come back once the brain starts working in story space again.

I see that others much better qualified than me have offered to beta. I'm in the process of beating my head against the 4th story in my Sherlock series, so am not really in a position to offer my modest services to anyone else. But I'm definitely looking forward to the result!

From: [identity profile] perverse-idyll.livejournal.com

Why hello! How lovely to see you here! Hah, no worries - there's no penalty for lateness. I'm late to my own party, come to that. I tried and failed to return from my own personal angst-fest last year, and that was a wash, so I didn't want to show my face again until I could promise less of a disappearing act.

I'm a bit peeved that the transition back to stability will involve working my butt off and flailing around stressfully, but it's still a hundred times better than the sense of hopelessness that prevailed before. I do worry the job's demands (including "please put in as much unpaid overtime as possible so we can bring the staffing budget down") will stomp on my newly revived interest in writing. But I shouldn't try to second-guess, simply learn to set boundaries and stick to them.

I've discovered there's irony in writing porn as a way to, so to speak, ease back in. It's really just as tricky as writing anything else in short form, especially if you care about keeping it in character. And I've subsequently learned there are few things more boring than trying to describe erotic shenanigans when I'm not in a sexy mood. It ends up feeling claustrophobic and a bit ridiculous. With luck, that sense of limitation will propel me back to the longer, more interesting and self-indulgent fics.

I bet you'd be a tough and therefore excellent beta. But I'm delighted to hear you're still working on your Sherlock storylines! I'll have to truffle through your posts on AO3, because it's high time I caught up with all my favorite writers. (Also, beating your head against the writing wall, yeah, I know it well - but it's been so long I'm actually nostalgic for that sense of frustration!)

From: [identity profile] dbassassin.livejournal.com

It's really just as tricky as writing anything else in short form

Well, I admire anyone who can do it well, because I can't write porn at all without it turning into crack or darkfic. And even then it's really not very good. I suppose there's something to be said for knowing your limitations. :P

Sherlock fandom is still a big disappointment, but I persist in knocking out my monster genfics, largely for my own amusement.

The new series come out about as often as the HP books did, so it almost feels like writing in HP fandom again. I have to get the series finished before S4 comes out in January, hence the stress. I've written more than 200,000 words since January 2015, so I'm really running out of steam. Hopefully the new canon in January with get me re-stoked.

From: [identity profile] creascendo.livejournal.com

I've been meaning to catch up with my flist for, well, months now. Seeing your posts made me happier than I can say. ♥

I'm glad to know you're finding some potential and edging back into fandom, possibly.

On my end, work is forcing me to face some unwelcome realities. Though it was necessary for me to come to grips with them and adjust course, it's like a delayed slap in the face. Mostly I'm annoyed with myself for being naive. :/ Sorry for being cryptic. I feel like more details will only be serve to indulge in melancholy and drag you down with me. Let's say I can relate to life being drudgery and barely visible behind a grey curtain of work. I hope the potential you see comes to fruition asap! *many warm hugs*

In HP news, if you ever have the energy and time, I'd be curious to hear your opinions on Cursed Child. Whether you've read it or decided to give it a pass.


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