I suspect most of my Snape-inclined flisties have already seen promotions for this fest, but I thought I'd give it one last boost, since prompt-claiming closes tomorrow:

Bring Back the Bastard!
[info]deeply_horrible: Celebrating Severus Snape in all his flawed glory!

I'm a HUGE fan of ambiguous Snape, cold in his hatred, hot in his passions, possessed of a spiteful tongue and drenched in darkness. I like him best when his good and bad qualities are so intertwined it's hard to tell them apart. Yes, he loves deeply, but his love is obsessive and unhealthy. He's brave, but he's also qualified to outface horror because he once swore allegiance to it; once, perhaps, inflicted it. He's brilliant, but his intelligence is demonstrably amoral. He protects what he hates. He kills what he loves. He has what it takes to murder Dumbledore at a moment's notice, for the best of all possible reasons. He's ugly and skinny and self-sacrificing, as unshakable in his quest for atonement as he is in his loathing of -- pretty much everything, including himself.

This fest explores the endless contradictions posed by Snape's actions, background, behavior, and fate. 194 prompts were submitted (some of them mine!) and there's one day left to sign up and make a choice. If this sounds the least bit intriguing, come check it out or join the com to follow along:

Prompt-Claiming Post

(Banner by Vizen and [livejournal.com profile] cabepfir. Isn't he beautiful?)


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