I know this is my own fault, but … I had a story posted as a draft to AO3 so I could work on it whenever I got the chance. I knew the draft would be automatically deleted on Jan 22nd, but I didn't realize it would be be gone immediately after midnight. And of course I only saved a copy of the earlier version. An entire month's worth of work, wiped out. :(

This is very depressing. I have so little time to write anymore, and I just lost every nuance, every change, every revision, every new scene I'd written. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have other drafts on AO3, and I'm pulling them right now.

Anyway, folks, don't do what I did. It has (temporarily, I hope) destroyed my desire to work on the story. Always, always back up your documents. *sigh*

ETA: AO3 just responded. The answer is no. All drafts are removed from the database immediately, and there's no retrieval system.

From: [personal profile] doro

Ow. Sorry about the loss and the discouragement.

Have you tried turning in a support ticket? Most big hosting sites will have backups from prior time periods, and they might be able to extract and reinstate your specific file(s). Good luck!
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From: [personal profile] kelly_chambliss

Oh, I'm so sorry, dearie. I know how devastating this sort of loss is.

But when I've had similar things happen, I'm sometimes surprised at how many changes/revisions I'm able to remember if I go back and try to put them in immediately. And it takes less time than the original work, too. No, you won't save all, but more is there in your head than you think. I speak from (painful) experience!
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From: [personal profile] tetleythesecond

Argh! I'm so very sorry! I hope that you can remember a lot of it, like Kelly says. Maybe it will come back after the initial shock is over.
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From: [personal profile] crystal

That sucks!! I'm so sorry! That is a terrible thing to have happen. =(

(Also, hello! I'm glad to see you're still sort of around. This is crystalusagi from LJ)


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