Before I go stumbling off to bed - and these days all I do is work and coax my cat to live a little longer and scold myself toward bed at various hours of the night - I have a story to share with you. While braiding my hair, I casually scanned the HP entries to the Chocolate Box fest currently anonymous on AO3, and a Harry Potter/Hellblazer crossover caught my eye. John Constantine is the protagonist of Hellblazer, and that sums up my knowledge of his canon. But the pairing's listed as Constantine/Snape, so I figured, why not?

Jackpot! This is a short fic (~3,700 words) ostensibly about getting one's rocks off on St. Valentine's Day, and how shit-out-of-luck wizards deal with their magic-driven need. Constantine's POV is colorful, cynical, self-deprecating, amusing, and scorchmarked, and his lens on early-20s Snape, whom he picks up in a bar, creates a memorable portrait miniature of a desperate case - a guiltstricken creature who needs to lose his virginity the way a wound needs to be lanced. (I hear you cry, "Ew!" but it's a fair comparison.) The author has a profligate gift for vivid description and idiomatic coinage that stuffs a lot of atmosphere into relatively few words and stamps characterization indelibly onto the page. It's a fascinating outsider take on Snape, written by someone who knows their way around a metaphor, and the emotional aftertaste - or after-smoke - leaves a whiff of blown-out wick and melted wax. If you're partial to raw sex, it has that, too, but it's more pretext than point, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you're a Snape fan and you have a moment to spare, go over to AO3 and check out this fic for its delightful narrative voice and unsparing glimpse of Snape at his lowest and most vulnerable.

Me and Mr. Prince by Anonymous.

(There are a few other fics I want to nibble at when I have time, including a Minerva McGonagall/Jane Marple crossover that looks promising. But not tonight.)
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I'll give the crossover a try, even though I know zip about Hellblazer. (Think I'll pass on the Ginny/Nagini fics, though! [Although I always say that there is literally nothing I won't read if it's done well. I'm just not feeling that pairing enough to spend time on it.)

Miss Marple/Minerva is an inspired idea. This fic has some very nice moments, but needs a bit more development, I think.


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