Today has been, for whatever reason, a bad coughing day, even though I should be over this by now. I'm about to run the hottest bath I can stand and go sit in the steam for a while, unless my landlady objects to the water usage.

However, while I was sitting at my desk trying to make writing happen (the sum total of my achievement, of which I am inordinately proud: "Merlin's sodding horse cock!" and I'm sure you can all guess the mouth into which I inserted those words), I wandered off into Pinterest land, as I am wont to do when I ought to be focusing on deathless prose. Fate rewarded my bad habit by presenting me with a truly wonderful Snape, standing in his lab of a morning and pouring himself a cup of joe. This version of him is spot-on, pale and lanky and long-faced, and the detail in his lab is spectacular. I wanted to crawl right inside the picture and start poking around, because it's the sort of place crowded with curious objects and intriguing ingredients in jars. You can imagine why someone might enjoy brewing and potions-making when you clap eyes on this beautifully cluttered but tidy and inviting workroom with the high, arched ceiling. The artist's style is precise, elegant, nicely scaled and proportioned, exquisite, and full of imagination. I mean, this is Snape. There's no mistaking him.

GoodMorning! It's Coffee Time! by Kedro Boiz
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From: [personal profile] tetleythesecond

Get well soon, dear! And keep that throat moist! Coughs can be surprisingly persistent.

What a great picture! Thank you for linking to it -- such fine detail and beautiful work with colour, not to mention the characterisation.
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From: [personal profile] shyfoxling

"Merlin's sodding horse cock!" and I'm sure you can all guess the mouth into which I inserted


those words

Oh, phew.

I loved that pic too!
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From: [personal profile] therealsnape

That is, indeed, a stunningly beautiful picture. Those details! I love the skeleton sitting so cozily on the cupboard.

Fantastic, thanks for sharing.

I hope the cold will get better soon!


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