Reason number eleventy-seven: fanworks of fanworks!

My latest story is basically a massage kink fic with character and shipping dynamics stirred in for maximum UST. The reception for it has gone waaaaaayyyyyy beyond anything I expected, and it will probably move into position as my second most popular fic on AO3. (Which gives me mixed feelings, I admit, because I'm far more attached to the fic currently in second place and consider it my love letter to Snape/Harry. But it's definitely not to everyone's taste.)

[personal profile] half_light, one of the readers of Soft Touch, contacted me with an idea for a prequel based on the lines "I re-experienced what it was like not to be touched. I craved it… My body kept me awake at night, aching. By the end of a week it was as if I were starving. And I wondered why I'd had to live for so long without knowing I wanted this. How much I wanted this."

Talk about a tremendous compliment! Of course I said yes.

Well, the fic is finished and posted! It's lovely and painful, full of the consequences of touch deprivation, soul-searching loneliness, and snake venom. The emotional spiral through which Snape struggles is beautifully described and very moving. It's also deeply sexy, which sounds paradoxical, but the erotic theme plays out in ways that twist the knife and help set up the story that follows.

If you like Snape/Harry, please consider giving this angsty, intensely emotional, and ultimately hopeful fic a try:

Awakening by faviconhalf_light



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