Date: 2010-11-03 05:04 am (UTC)
perverse_idyll: (snape by froggie)
I'm so glad it struck a chord, dearest Clue. I wasn't sure the fic had actually managed to gather the persuasive currents required to push Severus over that line, into someone capable of recognising the honour and the tiny breath of immortality it bestows on him. I hoped the fleeting sense of belonging, of being welcomed, might justify his willingness to stay--at least until the morning translates him into light.

I'm always happy to have around me readers and writers who appreciate ambiguity. Those are the sorts of endings that linger, that lure us into bringing our own personal desires and unspoken intuitions into play. I realise some fans detest uncertainty, but I love how the sense of possibility opens up. Differences in perspective delight me.

For whatever reason, spiritual themes and language have started cropping up in my Snarrys lately. Probably to do with trafficking in the afterlife.

Thank you for such a perceptive comment - even your comments are lovely. (And how odd - it's November 2nd, and the scent of freesia just drifted through my open window. But they aren't in season and there are none in the garden.)
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