This is the height of frivolous nonsense, but hey, where can you be silly these days if not in fandom?

So, I've been idly browsing YouTube bits of The Mighty Boosh because I've spent the whole day with my face in the computer, bashing my brains against a story that won't budge, and I can't handle sustained narratives or complexity right now. So antic rubbish it is. And I can't escape the thought that Noel Fielding would have made a perfect Snape, for certain values of "one person's perfect is another's you've-got-to-be-kidding-me." But seriously. Pop some black contact lenses on that lad, and you're pretty much good to go.

The big problem would have been keeping his bubbly, anarchic personality under wraps, because it's a mistake to play Snape as a cartoon villain, as much as he sometimes resembles one. I also doubt Noel has the acting chops to pull off simmering rage, buried grief, and genuine viciousness. But physically? Ten years ago he was the right age, the right build, he's still the right height, he has the hair and the profile, and he's got the ugly/hot thing down. Granted, half the time the director would have had to flail at him to stop grinning and mugging, because he's a very smiley chap, not at all Snape-like in person.

Anyone else fond of some totally unlikely casting for Snape? Because the day will undoubtedly come when HP: TOS is broadcast as a 7-season mini-series, right? So we might as well prepare now.

The Half-Blood Prince looking fab. I can't tell if that's Lily's or Dumbledore's bedroom.

noel 1 Stop trying to smile, Noel.

noel2 Snape and Lily. That's an … interesting cravat Snape's wearing. Must be post-Nagini.

I have no idea what those two blokes in the foreground are doing (James and Peter drunk off their arses?), but that's definitely Snape disapproving in the background.
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This is an excellent post. :D (And I could swear I once saw Boggart!Noel wearing Augusta Longbottom's dress on a panel show.)

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Oh, he most definitely looks the part, right down to the thin body and long fingers.

I don't really have an alternate casting for Snape (although I think the original choice Tim Roth would have definitely been better) since my head canon look for him is so strong in my mind. I have often wondered what fandom would have been like had someone like Rickman not played him. I wonder if his fandom presence would have been as big as it was.

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I wonder if his fandom presence would have been as big as it was.

Excellent and fascinating question. I tend to doubt that it would have been, especially since JKR seems to have slanted the characterization of Snape towards Rickman's interpretation as the series progressed.

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I didn't start lurking in fandom until 2004 so I have no experience before that. I imagine he might still be a popular character but maybe his fanon characterizations and the fans would be very different.

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Noel's a comedian, so there's something inherently mocking and self-mocking about him, and I suspect his body language and compulsion to ham it up disqualifies him. It just tickled me immensely to fool around with the mere idea of him as Snape.

Now, Tim Roth would have been a great choice, but only if he'd had better scripts to work with. He would have turned in a much subtler and angrier performance than Rickman, I think, but his intensity in the role might have clashed with the movies' basic unreality.

It's hard to say how his Snape would have affected fandom. It might have done away with the Byronic hero phase, at least, because I imagine Roth being a lot more spidery and malevolent and a good deal less noble. On the other hand, he has a surprising amount of onscreen charisma and can be riveting to watch, so he might have attracted a whole different set of fans altogether. Ah, the lost opportunities.

Of course, no actor is going to replace the Snape in my head (although I confess my Snape changes to accommodate the kind of fic I'm writing at any given moment). But Roth being furtive and dead-eyed, without the buttons and waistcoat, rings truer to me.

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I can't tell if that's Lily's or Dumbledore's bedroom.

Hahaha! I vote for Dumbles.

You're right -- this man looks the part quite well. Even in this pictures, though, you can tell that he's a mugger. He'd have to be under strict instructions to Spock it up: No Smiling.

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ETA: My mental alternate casting has always been Adrian Brody (

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I don't think Noel's capable of any role beyond that of a sweet-natured, campy goofball, so Snape would be beyond his power. He did give me a nice flash of possibilities that break the Rickman mold, especially in terms of energy and physicality.

Adrien Brody used to be the favorite Snape casting for a lot of Snarry fans, although one could argue that he's much too attractive. His performance would have been interesting and thoughtful and visually compelling - and I suspect fandom at the time would have romanticized him even more than it did AR, because he's young(ish) and hot and already had a devoted fanbase.

Now I have to wonder who would be a good McGonagall. I rather like the idea of Michelle Gomez, myself (a comic actor who can do more than comedy, and Scottish to boot).


Image Looking starched and strict and prepared to hex someone.

Image Over-the-glasses nonverbal comment.

Image Student essays: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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OT but I've been meaning to ask: I know you've mentioned who made your default icon but did you ever post the entire illustration? Is there one? I had a noodle through your posts but couldn't find anything.

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Sorry for dropping out of sight again and leaving the post dangling. Life came roaring around the corner and there was no getting out of the way.

My very beloved icon is taken from Undeserving ( by Froggie, an artist who seems to have left journal fandom. The drawing's got cross-dressing and caning (of Harry), neither of which are particularly appealing to me, but I fell in love with Froggie's version of Snape. It breaks with fannish conventions and with Rickman's legacy, and I liked that. Snape's character is drawn into every line of his thin, ordinary body; the intimacy and complex cruelty and sheer weariness of the portrait are refreshing. But for me, his face is the most bewitching thing about it.

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I asked because the face is very like an illustration by Claude Shepperson for Dickens' The Haunted Man and that's interesting because most illustrators draw the character - who's a chemistry teacher - in the same way. If you google for illustrations of that story you'll see what I mean. This one (, by Frank Stone is a favourite.

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P_I, I never told you how happy I am to see you back to Hoggywarty. I can't wait to read something by you again.

As for Snape recast, I tend to favour the Adrian Brody recasting (though not original, as many people have vouched for it in years.) I can only add a couple of Italian actors to the stack:




Luigi Lo Cascio, who is actually quite attractive, and you'd have to crook his nose, but has black eyes.

And I recently watched series with a less-known actor, Gaetano Bruno, whose nose was actually more similar:

(I struggled to find a photo in profile, here he is first on the right)



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Oh, my dear, hello! I'm so sorry for the long delay in responding. My current job is retail management, which gets horribly demanding and stressful this time of year, and it sucked up every drop of energy or interest I possess. The holiday went by without a twinge of pleasure or sentiment, and with scarcely a word written. So I had to drop out of the two fests I signed up for. :( I'll know better than to take on December fests in the future, assuming my luck doesn't change in 2017. But thank you for looking forward to my entry!

I really regret dropping out of [ profile] hoggywartyxmas (and [ profile] snapecase to boot), but since I've started reading the entries, I've decided that it's probably just as well that I couldn't make the deadline. Many other stories cover similar ground to mine, only with a great deal more charm and cheer. I'll post the fic eventually once it's finished, with a tip o' the hat to the fest. It's not really a holiday-themed story anyway, so it won't be out of place in a different season.

I approve of both your choices for Snape. They're much too attractive, of course, but a good make-up artist could help balance that out. They're certainly more in accordance with book!Snape than Alan Rickman was. (This sounds like I hate AR. Quite the contrary. He just wasn't Snape for me.)

Gaetano Bruno has a wonderful nose. :D
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Why hello there! I'm glad you happened to be passing by! I'm pretty erratic about popping in here myself, so I understand the rare fly-by moments. But it would be lovely to see more of you.

I hugely enjoy Fielding on The Mighty Boosh - his bubbly muggery and imperviousness to embarrassing the heck out of himself are very endearing. But I agree, he's not an actor, and he wouldn't have the faintest idea how to pull off a complex asshole. (Hmm. That sentence construction implies something painful and obscene.)

Adam Driver is a decent visual match for Snape (as long as he doesn't take his clothes off), and he's the right age - something that's started bugging me more than it used to, because the Rickman Effect has people convinced that Snape was a middle-aged duffer. My impression is that Driver takes his craft seriously, so he'd probably practice until he could get the vicious delivery of lines right. There's also the question of plausible accents. Not to mention scripting. Any future Snape deserves a better handling of his storyline and less butchering of his best lines.

Incidentally, about a month and a half ago I at long last started reading "Some things we do are unforgivable (etc)," but had to stop when my job went into overdrive. (Actually, all reading and writing stopped. It's ironic that managing a bookstore should have such a profoundly negative effect on my literary activities.) I intend to return soon and start again at the beginning, but as I recall, it lived up to my previous experience of your Sherlockian work and convinced me you ought to try your hand someday at writing pro fic (assuming that's ever appealed to you). I'd buy it.


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