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( Jan. 22nd, 2010 03:23 pm)
So, in the last-minute scramble to make my bids count during the help_haiti fundraiser, I singled out three possible candidates and threw my financial weight into the bidding. I won two out of three. [personal profile] camillo1978 pledged to draw a Snarry pic of my choice, and within a couple of days she contacted me with previews of an absolutely drool-worthy piece of art. (What? 'Drool-worthy' is a technical term.* Trust me on this.)

This is a pencil drawing, and the care she's taken to create a version of Snape according to my specifications is… well, phenomenal. Fantastic. He's hot, he's ugly, he's lined and tired and worn around the edges, and he's staring at Harry with a gleam of both amusement and erotic anticipation. His hand's beautiful, and he looks relaxed and inviting, somehow without sacrificing his identity as a greasy git.

Harry, standing in his undershirt, with his long, lissome arm, is the perfect foil. Go look. Go envy me. *smirk*

Ordinarily I'd link directly to the drawing, but in this case I'm linking to [personal profile] camillo1978's post so you'll know where to leave comments. Don't forget to click on the pic at the DeviantArt page to see it full-sized.

What Are You Hiding?

*In this instance, meaning, "Bwahaha, mine! It's all mine!"

ETA: Here's a close-up of the shorter-haired version of Snape's face )
Bidding will close tomorrow at noon EST. I'm offering Snarry fic (or, in a pinch, Snapefic) here.

There are so many brilliant authors and artists participating. Here are a few I've either bid on or wished I could bid on (and I still may, once some of my bids fall short and I suddenly have extra cash to throw around):

Check 'em out )

And these are just the ones I recognized during a somewhat cross-eyed skim down the list!
…and threw my busker's hat into the ring over at help_haiti to raise whatever money I can for the earthquake-devastated community. I have to confess, earthquakes absolutely terrify me; for months after the SF Bay Area quake of '89, the slightest vibration of a truck passing in the night would jolt me awake, fried on adrenalin and fearfully expecting the world to start pitching back and forth. Considering the quake's magnitude, we got off lightly. I can't even imagine the kind of horror the Haitian people must be enduring right now.

I'm pledging money as well, and there are pages and pages of amazing writers, artists, betas and podficcers at the site, auctioning off their talents in return for a donation. I can only (somewhat nervously) offer a fic. Please, come and take a look around. Give what you can, if you can; if you can't, come and cheer us on. Especially those of us who have never done this kind of thing before.

My offer of fic


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