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( Dec. 25th, 2014 08:57 pm)
I'm late to the party, but wishing every one of my flisties both joy and peace in the holiday season, however you celebrate or don't. May you be surrounded by what you hold most dear. ♥

magical frost and sun

And for a touch of a PI Christmas tradition, here's the last scene from The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (I can't for the life of me figure out how to make video clips, so a link will have to do):

Tidings of Comfort and Joy
I haven't been online much for -- well, I was going to say weeks, but it's actually been months. I miss you all, and I hope to pick up the threads of friendship soon, starting with reading the riches of the fest season.

In the meantime, may you all be merry and bright, have your loved ones at hand, food and music and laughter and (if it's part of your tradition) gifts. Your very presence is a gift, my dears. In lieu of praise-singing, which would keep me up the rest of the night, I hope you don't mind if I share some of the images I've harvested from tumblr blogs. They capture the magic of this time of year better than I could ever put into words.

Wintry loveliness under the cut )
First, you should know that I'm extremely fond of Renaissance and sacred (mostly Church of England) choral music. I used to be on the board of a small but exquisite Baroque orchestra, and the beauty of traditional Christmas music still matches my sense of the season (winter, holidays) and the rural landscape.

You should perhaps also know that I'm not religious in the slightest, but all of the music in these files is Christian and the lyrics reference that, and in some cases are taken directly from liturgy. I mention this in case songs to Christ are of no interest to some members of my flist. I love them regardless, but I can appreciate that they're not for everyone.

A few notes on what you'll find here )

Perverse Idyll's Christmas playlist

ETA: Okay, I think I fixed the link! *is a techno-idiot*
Oh lovely, witty, and opinionated [ profile] cordelia, thank you so much! I love being sprinkled with winter cheer. :D
I'm so extremely pleased and delighted by the lovely snowflakes I've just received. I've been such a fandom hermit lately (sorry!), and it's a sweetly festive reminder of the season, like having my friends sweep through the door bearing cinnamon-laced hot cider, pine boughs, and juniper candles. I feel cherished! :D

Thank you so much, oh brilliant and beautiful [ profile] dracofiend! I'm thrilled by this token of intricate delicacy, a quality I associate with you and your astonishing talent. <3 <3 <3

Thank you, too, oh wise and gorgeous [ profile] cluegirl! This is like feeling your light touch on my arm and your intent look as you decipher the secrets of the world. I'll treasure my snowflake until it melts away.

&hearts &hearts &hearts to you both!


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