I've been absent from my own LJ for so long I fear nobody will remember who I am, save for a few close friends. But! That doesn't really matter, because this post is all about the recs.

Most of my flist is HP-oriented, but what the heck. I've been reading in SGA fandom for a while now. Yes, I'm no longer monogamous. It had to happen sooner or later. True to form, though, I'm still character-obsessed. The juxtaposition of favorite characters tickles me, because Severus Snape and Rodney McKay could not have less in common than if I'd expressly set out to find the most incompatible pair of personalities ever. Except for the fact that they're both arseholes in their own inimitable ways.

HP recs )

For all two of you on my flist. *waves* SGA recs )

Okay. Phew. I've talked myself out. *flops over*


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