Today has been, for whatever reason, a bad coughing day, even though I should be over this by now. I'm about to run the hottest bath I can stand and go sit in the steam for a while, unless my landlady objects to the water usage.

However, while I was sitting at my desk trying to make writing happen (the sum total of my achievement, of which I am inordinately proud: "Merlin's sodding horse cock!" and I'm sure you can all guess the mouth into which I inserted those words), I wandered off into Pinterest land, as I am wont to do when I ought to be focusing on deathless prose. Fate rewarded my bad habit by presenting me with a truly wonderful Snape, standing in his lab of a morning and pouring himself a cup of joe. This version of him is spot-on, pale and lanky and long-faced, and the detail in his lab is spectacular. I wanted to crawl right inside the picture and start poking around, because it's the sort of place crowded with curious objects and intriguing ingredients in jars. You can imagine why someone might enjoy brewing and potions-making when you clap eyes on this beautifully cluttered but tidy and inviting workroom with the high, arched ceiling. The artist's style is precise, elegant, nicely scaled and proportioned, exquisite, and full of imagination. I mean, this is Snape. There's no mistaking him.

GoodMorning! It's Coffee Time! by Kedro Boiz
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( Feb. 15th, 2018 12:43 am)
Before I go stumbling off to bed - and these days all I do is work and coax my cat to live a little longer and scold myself toward bed at various hours of the night - I have a story to share with you. While braiding my hair, I casually scanned the HP entries to the Chocolate Box fest currently anonymous on AO3, and a Harry Potter/Hellblazer crossover caught my eye. John Constantine is the protagonist of Hellblazer, and that sums up my knowledge of his canon. But the pairing's listed as Constantine/Snape, so I figured, why not?

Jackpot! This is a short fic (~3,700 words) ostensibly about getting one's rocks off on St. Valentine's Day, and how shit-out-of-luck wizards deal with their magic-driven need. Constantine's POV is colorful, cynical, self-deprecating, amusing, and scorchmarked, and his lens on early-20s Snape, whom he picks up in a bar, creates a memorable portrait miniature of a desperate case - a guiltstricken creature who needs to lose his virginity the way a wound needs to be lanced. (I hear you cry, "Ew!" but it's a fair comparison.) The author has a profligate gift for vivid description and idiomatic coinage that stuffs a lot of atmosphere into relatively few words and stamps characterization indelibly onto the page. It's a fascinating outsider take on Snape, written by someone who knows their way around a metaphor, and the emotional aftertaste - or after-smoke - leaves a whiff of blown-out wick and melted wax. If you're partial to raw sex, it has that, too, but it's more pretext than point, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you're a Snape fan and you have a moment to spare, go over to AO3 and check out this fic for its delightful narrative voice and unsparing glimpse of Snape at his lowest and most vulnerable.

Me and Mr. Prince by Anonymous.

(There are a few other fics I want to nibble at when I have time, including a Minerva McGonagall/Jane Marple crossover that looks promising. But not tonight.)
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( Mar. 21st, 2017 12:47 pm)
Hello, my lovelies! I haven't been around much, because - well, I seem to require payback in the karma department; the universe is pissed off at me and life is a pretty joyless ride these days. But every once in a while, my fannish delight resurfaces. And I'm getting closer to actually finishing a fic! Yeah, will wonders never cease. Restoring my pleasure in the written word would go a long way toward making me happier.

But this post actually exists to share a pair of visual pleasures with you. Both Snape-related, of course, as that particular fire refuses to go out. And as with fic writers, we have some marvelous artists scattering splendor across our paths.

First, please hop over to Daily Deviant and bask in the pervy beauty of [ profile] akatnamedeaster's NSFW young Snape doing naughty and rather risky things to his equipment. The requested kink is sounding, which is something most of us will not want to try at home, but Kat has created a rosy, sexually luminous image of a school-aged half-clothed Snape (complete with a grey underpants cameo) having it off with a metal rod up his unmentionables. The coloring is sensual and warm, Snape is blitzed on sensation, and I loved the pic on sight.

Sounding Sev

The other piece is by a Russian artist whose work I like a great deal, but this portrait only turns up in an HP gallery that doesn't allow linking to the individual artworks. Thus I'm going to post the pic here under a cut, something I wouldn't normally do because it circumvents the artist's control. If there were any other means of linking you to it, I'd substitute that in a second.

But this is such a dark, intense, beautiful (that's the theme here) portrait that I want to share. I don't know how many fans have run across it, and it's too wonderful to languish unseen. NSFW due to nudity and a flash of arse crack, although it's entirely non-sexual, a view of naked Snape from the back peering over his shoulder like a suspicious, black-eyed raptor.

Snape by MariKaART )

I have other art recs, but I'll save them for next month when I take a turn on the [ profile] crack_broom.
It's rare that I visit deviantArt these days, but I happened to end up there last evening while I was procrastinating over something else, and discovered one of my favorite artists has resumed drawing in HP again after nearly a year's leave of absence. She just posted an absolutely gorgeous portrait of Snape dozing amongst his books, and it's hard to say which is more desirable, Snape or his esoteric collection of magical volumes. As the artist says, it's her fervent OTP. It's elegant and beautifully conceived and shimmering with color; the combination of book-and-Snape lust is quite overpowering.


I urge you to click on the image to enlarge it, because it's even more amazing if you can see the details.

There's also a lovely watercolor portrait of Minerva I just noticed, here:

Minerva's day off.
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( Mar. 10th, 2014 02:15 pm)
[ profile] iulia_linnea is weighing the possibility of a winter fest, and she's posted a poll to help her decide which defunct community to revive. [ profile] snapecase is one of the candidates, and since it's among my top five favorite fests I thought I'd try to stir up some support. Go over to her journal and vote!

Of course, there are other worthy contenders in the running, but I'm hoping my flist will give Snape a leg up.
I expect quite a bit of this challenge will be taken up with recs, because I'm completely in agreement with [ profile] pir8fancier's post from yesterday, which urges us to spread the love about fanworks that excite us. I don't have a prayer in hell of doing a challenge post and a recs post, but I can blend the two together. And the timing is perfect. My brain is actually jittering around a bit, the way it does when I've encountered a piece of writing that ignites my interest and adulation.

A couple of days ago, [personal profile] delphi asked if I'd be interested in beta-reading the first installment of a new Snape/Filch series she's got planned. I don't think you could have paid me to say no. (I may even have begged a little.) She posted it today, and I just blithered all over her AO3 comment box because I'm absolutely in thrall. It's a non-magic AU that starts with the idea that St. Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys is a real place and then builds from there. Snape isn't a professor; oh no, he's a student. An incurably criminal boy.

I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you that it's an amazing, subtle, and rather terrifying portrait of Severus in all his mentally complex, morally compromised glory. We're privileged to watch how his mind works, and in [personal profile] delphi's hands, the workings are hypnotic and impressive. But something's not quite right. Every time the story brought me to the edge of pity, of heart-clench, of wishing this incarcerated boy had someone to hold him and appreciate him, his thoughts would shift and reveal a quiet, unnerving underside that made me pull back. It's a brilliant, carefully brushstroked portrait of a trapped child who's walking a very thin edge; and if he falls, he's not the only one who'll be hurt. The prose is calm, sympathetic, observant, and nothing awful happens. But we know what choices Severus made in canon, and the question of his fate haunts this first chapter in the series.

Absolutely recommended. If you happen to read my comments and have something to add or disagree with, by all means, come back and tell me. But tell Delphi first. :)

Schoolboy Blues on AO3
on Livejournal
on Dreamwidth
A sequel to my [ profile] snapecase story. I need to stop fiddling with it, so I'm just going to say "To hell with it" and post.

Title: And Mine the Gall
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Albus Severus Potter, Harry Potter, a touch of Snape
Rating: R
Word count: ~5540
Contains: Hints of chan, incest
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written for entertainment, not profit.
Summary: It's one thing to deny oneself; it's another to be denied. In which Albus learns (again) that sins of omission have consequences, even unto the next generation; and that what he denied to Severus shall be visited upon Harry.
A/N: This is a sequel to my [ profile] snapecase entry In Infinite Remorse of Soul and won't make much sense if you haven't read that one first. The title is taken from the Millay poem Renascence quoted at the beginning of that fic.

Many thanks to [ profile] loupgarou1750 for patiently re-reading the revisions. All mistakes mine. All constructive criticism accepted in the spirit in which it's given.


And Mine the Gall )
Title: In Infinite Remorse of Soul
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~10,700
(Highlight to View) Contains: D/s overtones.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Albus Dumbledore never makes the same mistake twice. Certainly not in love.
A/N: I wrote this for the wonderful [ profile] snapecase 2011. I've added a sequel here: And Mine the Gall. Many, many thanks to [ profile] loupgarou1750 for superlative betaing.

In Infinite Remorse of Soul )

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Title: In Infinite Remorse of Soul
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~10,700
(Highlight to View) Contains: D/s overtones.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Albus Dumbledore never makes the same mistake twice. Certainly not in love.
A/N: I wrote this for the wonderful [ profile] snapecase 2011. I've added a sequel here: And Mine the Gall. Many, many thanks to [ profile] loupgarou1750 for superlative betaing.

In Infinite Remorse of Soul )
Title: No Room for the Weak
Character(s): Eileen, Harry, Severus
Rating: PG
Word Count: 10,436
A/N: Originally posted here for the severus_shorts 50th birthday celebration. Many thanks to [personal profile] loupgarou for helping me keep this one within bounds, and to [ profile] iulia_linnea for a wonderful fest and superlative modliness.

I seem to have convinced myself that Joy Division's 1979 album Unknown Pleasures is the ultimate soundtrack to Snape's life.

Summary: There's a Boy Who Lived and a boy who didn't, and even a mother can't always tell them apart.

No Room for the Weak )
Alas, I didn't get up early enough to write a proper rec, but I urge you (if her name isn't enough to make you click on the link instantly) to take a look at the fic [profile] atdelphi just posted. I won a story from her during the [community profile] help_haiti auction, and I can't tell you how excited I was.

The story's here. And it hits my buttons like whoa.

I asked [profile] atdelphi to spin a tale around the tensions amongst Harry, Snape, and Dumbledore, and the fic compresses those tensions and betrayals into something that makes harrowing sense. Something I will read again and again, always finding more beneath the surface of the spare, gorgeous words. There's no innocence here; it's beautiful, in the way old fairytales are, the kind that don't shirk the dark underside of magical demands. With her usual gift for unsentimental and understated grace, [profile] atdelphi cuts right to the heart of who these characters are, and how their betrayals are part of what holds them in balance. The prose is like a magical cabinet full of hidden things; the echoes and undertones ring quietly and disturbingly long after the fic ends. Plus it takes a bit of epilogue foolishness and endows it with fresh, fierce meaning. It shows Harry grasping the legacy left him by the two most ruthless, sacrificial figures in his life and applying it with a painful wisdom that's necessary but not necessarily happy. (I don't want to give away the plot here, so I'm speaking obliquely.)

At the end, I ached for Harry. And for Severus, who is tragic without being softened one whit. And I'm utterly slain by this brief, brilliant portrayal of Albus, who pretty much deserves what he gets. This fic is brilliant. And in only 3500 words! Gah, how does she do that?

The Boy Who Lived on LJ.

The Boy Who Lived on Dreamwidth.
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( Jan. 31st, 2010 09:31 pm)
I should be wary of leaving comments first thing in the morning, pre-caffeine. I do tend to go on.

However, I had to burst out in admiration at the latest severus_shorts entry, A Nice Symbol of the Relationship. It's an indelible portrait of school-age Severus and portrays a chilling and plausible turn of events in his unpromising life. This Severus is an eminently reasonable child who deals with setbacks and with his father's antipathy by thinking his way to a pragmatic resolution. On the surface, at least. Beneath, there is pain denied, the sense of being unwanted, the desperate ingenuity of a boy cast in the role of his mother's protector, even though she expressly forbids him to be.

The beauty of this fic lies in Severus' discursive mind. He is alone through much of the narrative, thinking and re-thinking, trying to solve adult problems from the distance imposed by his isolation at Hogwarts. His father's cruel letters, his mother's predicament, and his own irrelevance to them all feed into his ultimate act of vengeance masquerading as mercy. He's droll, introspective, brilliant, obsessive, resourceful, constantly making side-pocket observations that are acute and amusing. But the story itself narrows smoothly, with inevitable calm, toward a decision that proves he is indeed still a child - a child making irrevocable, grown-up mistakes.

I love the way the fic is written, how it gets inside Severus' head, his adaptation to his less-than-ideal circumstances, his offhand wit and self-possession. It's quiet and haunting and totally absorbing. And another in the list of winners produced by this fest.
Here's how it begins )

A Nice Symbol of the Relationship
As usual, I need to pry my butt out the chair and get ready for work, so this will be short and to the point:

I am totally in love with and in awe of the latest fic posted in the severus_shorts fest, and I urge you to GO READ IT ASAP:

A Rowan in Winter

It's quiet and wintry and beautiful: in its details, its prose, its recognition of darker forms of magical existence. It takes place on Severus' eleventh birthday, and everyone concerned is etched with careful words and sharp compassion. Eileen, Tobias, and Lily are all vivid and memorable, and the evocation of the Spinner's End neighborhood is wonderful in all its grimy, snow-covered poverty. This fic keeps its emotions under wrap, and is all the more powerful for that. I don't want to explain it all or ruin the way it builds to its end, so I'll just say that it felt to me both fierce and haunting.

What a wonderful fest this has been! And I admit, I wish to God I had written this fic, because I'm consumed with envy for how beautiful it is.

In case you missed it the first time:

A Rowan in Winter
I just finished reading this, and it's such a combination of wistful, regretful, sweetly rueful, and gravely sad that I - well, I fell totally in love with it. It's a kind of homage to Snape, to the other lives he might have lived, other ways his story might have ended. It's a game throughout, all the hands dealt by destiny. The winning, the losing. These glimpses are brought to life with few words, but these words are like wish fulfillment, slightly magical, sometimes teasing, gradually shading off into darkness as the story approaches our final glimpse. Each scene is as brief and bright as a candle burning down. We know Snape's true fate and so does this fic; the games of chance give way to the harsh clarity of canon's judgment. But at the end the author has more compassion than canon does and goes beyond it to give Snape the peace he deserves.

(Also, I find it amusing that several fics lately have rekindled my desire to really smack Dumbledore, argh.)

Give this one a chance; it's beautiful and haunting and very much worth reading several times over.

The Winning Move


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