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( Jan. 18th, 2010 11:48 pm)
I haven't even managed to leave comments in every instance (bad me!), but the recs are building up and I need to jot them down before my brain disintegrates.

1. First, a fic I've read twice now. I haven't yet found a way to articulate my response. I'm not speechless, exactly; it's just, how do I put my feelings into words when they're all contained in the fic, far more urgently than I could ever say them?

It's an epilogue, or continuation, to the extraordinarily beautiful, breathtaking fic in the final Snarry Games, [personal profile] mia_ugly's Rapture. I praise this fic at every opportunity because it affected me so profoundly. Now Mia gives us the aftermath of Severus' reunion with Harry, and it's autumnal, tightly-wound, blood-tinged poetry from start to finish, almost impressionistic in its language, each word given the maximum emotional shading. The ache builds throughout the story, one long drawn-out exquisite relentless cresting wave of want as Severus finds that his survival technique of self-denial makes it harder to hope, makes it hurt more to reach out and take back what he'd renounced, what he'd given up for lost, than to hold back, to deprive himself. The fic charts his passage toward release, making no promises along the way, and the air of suppressed passion throughout is unbelievably breathless. This fic has a heartbeat, strong, seductive, strained almost beyond endurance. And faithful unto death.

But the ultimate glory of it lies in the language, which is spellbinding and as beautiful as a knife made of bone. The hypnotic mutual awareness between Severus and Harry draws the reader helplessly in, witness to the way this self-exiled, emotionally flayed and bereft loner is wooed home by the one person he cannot stay away from.

Blood (but also roses)

Here follow several recs for the ongoing fest severus_shorts.

More below )

I hope you have time to enjoy some of these. So much to read and ogle, so little time! Remember to leave feedback (says the pot to the kettle) if something gives you joy.


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